Take a WALK and step it UP


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Association of Daily Step Count and Step Intensity With Mortality Among US Adults


I wish I could . It has rained here pretty much four or five days a week for the last two or three years here. The climate in certain parts of the U.S. had turned for the worst in the last few years.

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I understand
Sorry about that
Not sure of your living situation
In the past.
I would just do some intense in home pacing
Maybe stairs ( if available)or even some jumping jacks I guess🤷🏻‍♂️


I recently changed my goal from 10k steps a day to 7500, maybe I should change that to the 8K now. Interesting article.

I have been using a fitbit watch to track steps for several years. now.

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My experience is my phone is more accurate counting steps than the watch. My Android app for keeping track is called Step Counter-Pedometer, accurate, best reports I’ve found. Also run Sportractive because it will call out heart rate from a chest monitor to a BT headset while I’m listening to music or lectures. I think I wrote somewhere already that 6 months of walking 2 yours a day last year lowered resting heart rate from mid 60’s to mid 50’s and below. I was going 50 miles a week. Lots of mail carriers do that much and more. 150 years ago everybody did that.