T Shirt Idea? Fast Club!

(Randy) #1

Hey, anyone interested in a T-Shirt?

(Randy) #2

Here is another t-shirt idea.

(CharlesBerry) #3

I think this is a great idea for a T-shirt. I would have given this T-shirt to my brother for Christmas. He’d love a T-shirt like that! It’s almost Christmas and I didn’t even have a single idea what to give him. It remains only to find a company that can make such a print. A few years ago, I turned to https://matohash.com/pages/t-shirt-printing-detroit . These guys did a great job and the print on my T-shirt still looks amazing. Despite the fact that this t-shirt is several years old, the paint still looks fresh. I hope they still do their work efficiently and quickly.

(Ken) #4

If you really believe in the “Body as Billboard” concept, why not just get it tatooed on your Forehead?