Swollen fingers in morning?

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Hey everyone! Just completed my first week of Keto - so far my initial fears of this being a fad diet that would cause me to yo-yo have been unfounded. I am amazed at my lack of hunger and ability to go long periods without getting extremely hangry. Just due to that this is worth continuing! So far I really have no complaints, except most mornings this week I’ve woken up with my fingers feeling noticeably swollen. It tends to subside during the day and I’ve largely been ignoring it but - what could be causing this? Is it something to be concerned about? For background, I’ve been sticking to 20-30g net carbs a day, take a magnesium and potassium supplement, and I had started salting my water but it was sending me to the bathroom. I don’t think I’m not getting enough salt, I’ve always salted my food, if anything maybe I’m having too much salt? Also I’ve been trying to consume more water, maybe getting around 64 oz a day. Any thoughts are appreciated!


Just my opinion here as I’m not an expert at all, but I suggest you don’t push the salt so much. I track everything I eat, but if you don’t, I suggest you just stick to salting your food to taste and stick to that. It might be you are getting too much. I’ve base that on what A/Prof. Andrew Mente says in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=290&v=AWzaT5wJ20M

Also, I drink water whenever I’m thirsty and that has been plenty. It’s the one thing I haven’t felt the need to track. : )

Again, I am not a doctor or in the medical field, so this is only my opinion based on my experience and research. Best of luck!


I’ve been at this seriously for several months and often I wake up in the morning with swollen wrists and hands, my Apple Watch is even tight on my arm. My feet will also be stiffer. But this all subsides when I get up and get moving. As long as they don’t remain swollen throughout the day I think you’re OK.

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The sweet spot for optimal health is 5 grams of sodium a day, according to Andrew Mente of McMaster University, lead investigator on the PURE study. That translates to 12.5 grams of table salt, or 2-1/2 U.S. teaspoons.


“Also I’ve been trying to consume more water”

Hey Nikki. I used to get swelling regularly and found for me it was that I was drinking more water than I needed to. Because I’m asleep the bladder isn’t being used and the excess fluid had to go somewhere - and for me it was feet, ankles and hands and wrists, waking up feeling (and looking) like a balloon animal. Like you, it went down during the day - but, of course, during the day I’m using my bladder to excrete the excess water. Perhaps trial days with a glass or two less? Or drink less at the end of the day? A bit of self experimentation will have you working it out in no time. Good luck.