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So I tried searching if this is already been brought up or talked about I want to apologize. I am on my phone so I’m not sure if that limits my searching or if I’m still adjusting and learning the forums.

I have listened to the podcast in regards to this topic. But my question is and correct me if I’m wrong or if it matters or not but I use splenda and/or stevia simply because I haven’t tried any others because I really don’t bake a whole lot and I had these two already in my household. Now I plan to get a meter and “test” for myself which works for me and which doesn’t but these two seem to be doing just fine for me. However with this WOE i do plan to test to know for sure.

Now what is “the science” or the thought behind why it’s “OK” for me to have splenda? My fiance and friends give me such a hard time and almost make it embarrassing to use it in front of them for example with coffee or tea. I know it seems really silly but I always read and read things but I never can explain them myself…

They say it’s “poison” and I’m better off using real sugar. I sometimes get really nervous bc a friend of mine joked about putting real sugar one time in my tea when she ordered it for me to simply prove a point.

Any information or even just sending me where to look is appreciated. Thanks again!

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I use it because it has no affect on my BG. I have noticed a lot of people bring a Paleo mindset to Keto e.g., using terms like “poison”. In the end, you have to decide what is right for you.

As to the Science:

Stevia is a non-caloric natural sweetener which contains no carbohydrate. He is to rise from a South American plant and has been widely available for use in Asia for many years. It comes from a shrub called Stevia rebaudiana that has very sweet leaves. Stevia is in extract, a white powder that is derived from these leaves. It can be found today commercially in extract, powder, or in a powdered green herbal leaf. It has an intense sweet taste which actually does have the potential to be slightly bitter. Stevia has two faults. First, it is so very sweet that it is hard to know just how much to use when cooking. Second, he often has a slight bitter taste as well as a sweet one. Therefore, stevia is often combined with fructooligosaccharide (FOS). FOS is a sugar, but it is such a large molecule that humans cannot absorb it. It does not raise blood sugar and it does not stimulate insulin release. Stevia does not increase blood sugar and appears to improve insulin sensitivity in the pancreas (Metabolism, 2003 Mar;52(3):372-8.). FOS is only half as sweet in table sugar; therefore, it makes it a perfect partner for stevia.

From this article with some references:

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BG? (Still learning)

And thank you.

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No worries, Blood Glucose.

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And good friends will respect and support your wishes, even if they don’t agree. Certainly they should not sabotage. Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in.

I use sweeteners in cooking but have chosen to go sweetener-free for coffee and tea. I got used to it. Good luck :slight_smile:


@david, I’m one of those people who gets a negative response when eating artificial sweeteners, and believe me, I am not a fan of Paleo.

I would weigh and log food meticulously, make extremely sure of carb grams, follow recipes with artificial sweeteners with precision…and it would be detrimental to me…I would GAIN WEIGHT.

I bought a dual glucose and ketone blood analysis meter at the local pharmacy, and did my N=1 experiments. Conclusion = I cannot add sweetness to my food. Not artificially, nor natural (like fruit).


Read Gary Taube’s new book or find a podcast where he talks about it and I think you’ll agree that sugar is the real poison.

That being said, sucralose (Splenda) and other sweeteners all seem to have their drawbacks for different people, but if something is working for you in reasonable quantities, then go for it.

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@Fiorella That is different than calling them “poison.” I see it all the time, the “it’s not natural, so it’s not Keto” group which is a very Paleo/Primal mindset and I am a fan of Paleo.


Sounds like someone who endorses the keto rule book :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I believe in n=1 experimentation. Start with basic principles, and go from there. It’s possible that one ketonian believes artificial sweeteners are poison. Hey…whatever floats their boat. I’m supportive of any and all journeys, including yours. It’s great artificial sweeteners work for you…certainly opens up the spectrum of choices.

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Yes, they do and it is frustrating AF.

I agree with almost all of your paragraph other than:

It’s possible that one ketonian believes artificial sweeteners are poison.

There is definitely more than one of them. :laughing: