Sweeteners for cooking

(Allen) #1

I received a Joule sous vide cooker for Christmas and am enjoying testing it. However, many of the recipies I find call for sugar, brown sugar, honey, or molasses. Is there a resource for substitutes for these? Can these be left out if there is not a replacement? Thanks guys, great to be part of such a group. Allen

(AnnaLeeThal) #2

I think I would have to go recipe by recipe to decide what could be ommited or what would need substitution.


I would likely omit them since most sous vide recipes are savory. I use sweeteners only for desserts and I generally use sugar alcohols (xylitol, erythritol) and stevia.

(Erin Macfarland ) #4

Sometimes I add a small amount of powdered Swerve to things like meat rubs to balance the flavors. But it’s a very small amount


Brian Williamson and Carrie Brown recently started the Ketovangelist Kitchen podcast and Facebook group and I find Carrie’s cooking insights brilliant and Brian’s comments informative, fascinating and entertaining.

I can’t point to specific answers to questions about sweeteners, but I’m sure you’d find an answer in their FB group.

Someone should invite Brian and Carrie to these forums… :smirk:


I agree that for me, Swerve (a little pricey) is hands down the closest to sugar for cooking and baking.