Sweeteners.. 5g Carbs?

(Charles Keezer ) #1

I did a little searching, but to be honest it was only a little :slight_smile:

Do you count the carbs in sweeteners like xylitol, swerve and the likes? Because if you do that is a 1/4 of allowable carbs per teaspoon… which is going to really change my morning coffees flavor when I remove it! Lol

(Luke Jeffery) #2

If you count gross carbs, yes. If you do net carbs (carbs minus fibre), which is the way it’s labelled in the UK (so it’s easier for me), then no, you don’t count polyols/sugar alcohols.

(Charles Keezer ) #3

I figured that was the case. Now here is the follow on… how do you eliminate them from the carb counts in MFP?

(Luke Jeffery) #4

That, I’m afraid, I can’t help with. If it’s just sweetener in tea, I just wouldn’t enter it. I think there is a hack for net carbs in MFP, but not on mobile devices, only on the PC platform, as far as I know.

(Georgia) #5

you can add your own food on MFP which will allow you to put the number of net carbs in the carb slot. I just log the food and at the end of the day I look at total carbs and fiber to figure out the net carbs for the day. I’m not tech smart enough (nor am I inclined) to follow the steps to download whatever app you need to do the net carb thing.