Sweden - Food guide


I’m pretty sure that the Swedes in charge would not like the amount of bacon that I eat - but they certainly are doing a better job than their North American counterparts.

Although, I’ve heard that Sweden has updated its food guide to frown on low-fat foods, it is not keto.

Here is a description of it from the FAO of the United Nations: http://www.fao.org/nutrition/education/food-based-dietary-guidelines/regions/countries/sweden/en/

These recommendations are in the above-linked article:

  • Switch to low-fat dairy products - Choose low-fat, unsweetened products enriched with vitamin D.
  • Less red and processed meat - Eat less red and processed meat, no more than 500 grams a week. Only a small amount of this should be processed meat.
  • Less salt - Choose food with less salt. Use less salt when you cook, but choose salt with iodine when you do use it.

I like this article, which is more pro-keto:


Dont worry about your bacon eating…You’d probably frown upon the amount of fermented fish the swedes eat :wink:

(Jason) #3

Is it just me or are people, including the Diet Doctor, taking the information from the Swedish article and hyping it way up to say the LCHF is being recommended for everyone?

For one the study only suggests that LCHF works in the short term (6 months) better than Low-Fat but not any better in the long run. The Diet Doctor’s blog headlines hype up the information but the content of his blog posts seem to be fairly balanced on what the study actually says.

The above linked article on healthimpactnews is hype though. Is anyone else concerned the info is being taken too far?