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I eat lunch at 1pm and supper at 4:30 on my eating days -which gives me a daily 20 hours of fasting, 4 hours eating (two meals with no snacks between the two). From 5pm until 1pm the next day I do not eat anything -I drink water and herbal tea though-it is good to stay hydrated as well. Maybe that would work for you as well -and aim for around 1800 calories, splitting them up -I like to eat more calories at the lunch and less at supper, but it doesn’t always work out that way =).

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Susan I think you are becoming my guardian angel. It is a bummer I have to be so stubborn and try to do my own thing…should have stuck with the 48 because it was smooth as butter we put on everything, but today I slowly starting getting the keto flu symptoms. The handful of ppl I talked to about my grand plan told me starting off with fasting was a bad idea. I dont feel completely awful but just tired and confused a little…more than anything I am feeling like a big stupid for taking the planning into my little newborn hands. For the most part there are several days I barely eat anything and so I thought it would be ok and after all the reading I had done I was excited to try the fasting I guess. Anyway, thanks for listening, I will live to fight another day, and there is no way I will give up. I have all you guys, an ex with a Bach in fitness and nutrition to help me figure things out. Tomorrow is starting my brand new eating lifestyle, I am just still so excited by all of this, I just know this is the path I want and need to be on…thanks susan, you truly are an angel

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Aww, you are very welcome =). When I first joined here in June, I was overwhelmed by the kindness and support I received. This is the most friendly, helpful and supportive forum on the net in my opinion. We all want you to succeed, and you will, you have a terrific attitude, and great will power. It is a fun lifestyle, once you adapt to it, the cravings will disappear, and you will feel so healthy, have energy, see aches and pains and pounds disappear. Keto is awesome, I love it. It was hard for all of us at the beginning, so we know what you are going through, because we all were beginners too! You will do this and be giving helpful advice in no time yourself too!!

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I toldja upthread, Susan’s the kindest soul on here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
She’s the Queen of the forum :crown:
She shared the throne for awhile with King @BeefCake but sadly he has vanished.

A suggestion: I see you have started several threads, but the topics are kinda similar, I’d merge them all into one “Accountability” thread because then it’ll be easier for us to follow one thread that covers all your activities and going by your fun posting style, you’ll develop a fan following of the Accountability thread like Susan and David have. I know I’d follow it.

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blushing thanks Susan…I am, as you know, pretty committed but not just for weight loss, I am most excited about changing my life…To not have my life controlled by when I can have my next beer or another day where I ingest 4 times the amount of calories one should have just to get some sick kind of emotional relief is going to be great. Have a wonderful day, talk to you soon

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She really is, everyone is truly WONDERFUL


Keto flu isn’t mandatory, it’s electrolyte problem… Do you consume enough sodium? If you ever get muscle cramps, that’s usually not enough magnesium or potassium. I never have sodium problems if I eat every day but on a bit longer fast, it inevitably happens. It happens with everyone but our sensitivity is different and some people drink salty water all day on IF…

You sound very excited and you are right, you do a great cheerleader. I met keto years ago but had crazy times and there’s no novelty anymore, my state of mind is horrible in general… I want to change but some outer source is welcomed and maybe even needed. Reading you makes me feel more excited myself. I wanted to do some fasts myself but lately even eating once a day was tough and rarely happened. That’s very good for many, keto + OMAD (one meal a day) but I totally need it to get results, not only regarding weight. It took much time to reach this combo and your method is even tougher in my eyes but maybe you can do it. Determination is very powerful, once I fasted for 120 hours from pure curiosity (and probably the funny stuff was due to not even knowing anything about electrolytes but it wasn’t bad). Fasting when you aren’t in ketosis to begin with is probably harder but doable (I’m sure some of us are just good at fasting if we make our mind, it’s not for anyone) and ketosis comes soon enough.
1500 kcal in 12 hours? Maybe you need much time after a fast, I don’t know about others but the longer fast I do, the less I am able to eat, maybe it’s logical, my body gets farther from the idea of eating :D. Still, I would probably do 47:1 or 46:2 but it’s me and still, one can never know, 23:1 seriously baffled me for months. You change your life, you experiment with yourself for years, you are confident you know yourself… And fasting changes everything. On some days, drastically. It’s fun! At least it was for me, hopefully it will be interesting and fun for you even if it won’t be without hardships, those happens on the best plan but if they aren’t too serious, you are fine and learn and get stronger.

I’m rooting for you!

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I love it, too. Keto has been such a blessing and a deliverance from food addiction. I don’t find it difficult at all, and the benefits are incredible - not just weight loss. It makes me so sad when overweight friends/family say they “can’t” do it, but we all have to find our own way.

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And you, my dear, are one of the funniest!


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Agreed - you don’t have to get the keto flu. Knock wood, I never experienced it. I took to keto right from the get-go and found it very satisfying. I attribute that to getting enough salt and eating three good-sized meals a day for several weeks.