Sunflower oil in Tuna can


yup I hear ya but a feral unloved cat will eat whatever we give them LOL but that was great info on how animals have just as much right to decent nutrition as a person but our ‘franken’ and ‘convenience’ foods are so off now. Ugh don’t get me started HA

(Aimee) #30

I used to feed my cat shrimp and mince and he got too fussy and would starve rather than eat normal cat food. Same with the dogs. They developed a taste for the final things in life. But that tuna is so foul that I bet a cat would try it and just look up at me insulted :joy:


Well our partners should have their own mind… I like feed my lovely, not very choosy SO with good things (or things he wants in some cases) but I give him most (and probably all in the future) of the sugary chocolate his Mom gives us in December (she probably wouldn’t stop as his son doesn’t complain). And whatever else I don’t want like almost all apricots and pears in our fruit garden. He is willing. He only hates rendered animal fat but I don’t give him those anyway (except in a dish if I get my way. I usually do because lard doesn’t ruin dishes even for him, he is just irrationally prejudiced about it). We fit nicely.

Sunflower oil may taste bad, indeed, if one isn’t used to it anymore, at least. It’s not that horrible for me but it’s definitely not nice and it has sunflower seed taste now (I never noticed it when I ate it every day). I always disliked that taste.
I have problem with meat (fish is mean to me, animal) and plant oil. It’s not necessarily bad for its taste, it just feels a tiny bit wrong to me. I always use animal fat if I fry meat, it just sounds right (and lard is the superior fat anyway in my eyes. I have good lard).
It’s usually some bad plant oil, olive oil (rare) or tomato sauce with sugar here but maybe there are fish with water too, I am not experienced as I only like fatty fish and those aren’t in can except salmon but that’s not in water either. Canned fish is very expensive too or just not good tasting. I have a can for emergencies only.

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Lol it’s ok, my partner loves that I’m on keto for she gets good yummy food too. She has her own stuff too though but loves me to cook. She likes the tuna that’s flavored with basil and tomato and stuff. She has lots of cans of it. Just gonna take the oily tuna to the food bank. :blush:


Oh yes, cats, little furry possible victims (well they have their own minds too). I feed the stuff not suited even to my SO to my cats (not just anything but I rarely have food that would be problematic for them and we don’t eat it). They are quite willing, too. Not spoiled ones despite the hordes of fresh mice and voles they catch and eat. Tuna oil, they would love it, sunflower seed oil or not. They usually eat anything mixed with some animal stuff anyway.

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Even if your partner is not interested in eating it; then you can donate it to a local food bank =).

haha --sorry I see above that you are going to do that already --I didn’t see that post until after I posted.

Have you tried talking her into eating Keto at all too? or she is not interested? It would be a good support and easier cooking if you could convince her to try as well? I have given up for now trying to convince my hubby and kids to try it, but some of the meals I make for myself they will try and/or eat =).


Some? I feel lucky then. My SO loves my keto food. He just eats it with a mountain of carbs. It takes a very tricky recipe not to.

I don’t know if there is something to do when someone says they don’t necessarily want carbs at all but they need something to eat and a keto dish feels lacking alone, the fat needs something… And nope, vegetables can’t cut it. Maybe I bake my keto pita again, my SO started to talk about it when I mentioned fried mutton.

It’s not like I force anything but I can’t help these urges sometimes… I make baby steps. My SO often and gladly have my low-carb/keto baked stuff for breakfast now. I don’t even eat them. Baked things are special, he can eat them without tons of carbs for some reason. That’s why I think it’s not hopeless and because he said he doesn’t want the carbs themselves.

But even I changed slowly. People can change a lot but sometimes it takes lots of time. And of course, they need to want it, ideally.

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My hubby loves to eat tons of ice cream, (4 litres of the cheap $3.99 a bucket stuff a week), it never lasts the week, and tons of chips, chocolate and candies, popcorn, snacks constantly, etc. He is a carb monster.

He is really not well with his medical conditions so I would love him to do Keto, but I just hope for maybe one day =).


Ice cream is easy for us. My SO pretty much hate and avoid added sugar just like me so I make keto ice cream with cake. For some reason, he needs cake with it. (And often for breakfast. And in the end of every meal but he makes those.) With raisins, that’s important. Cakes have raisins and soups have potatoes in his world.
So his ice cream (with a tiny walnut cake) is quite low-carb because I do it. But it’s a rarity and little, 4 liters would be a beautiful amount but it would require 120 eggs (mostly the yolks).

(Susan) #38

I have tried to make Keto icecream a few times and it is verrrry expensive and it never works out good for me (we are on an extremely tight budget so it is even more frustrating when it is not working for me) . SAD way of eating is like so much cheaper, so I do my best trying to make Keto as cheap as I can.

I am still making SAD food for the rest of the family and I try to make my Keto stuff very cheap is all… also another reason why I would really struggle doing Carnivore --I cannot buy the good meats and I get almost throwing up smelling meat while it is cooking --except roasts (beef, chicken, turkey smells nice when cooking but expensive to cook them often).

His big container of icecream is cheap (of course it is horrible for him, and totally full of sugar and bad additives). I get him the no name cheap chips, Costo large pack of popcorn (44 bags for about $9 when on sale), chocolate bars 3/1.00 at the dollarama, etc.

(Michael - Don't expect miracles and you won't be disappointed.) #39

Ice cream = cream churned as it freezes. This is keto ice cream, add some vanilla extract or not.

At least that’s what it was before it became a watered-down, sugar-loaded, gum saturated junk food. Nothing can make this keto.

(Susan) #40

I only was meaning that he is a major Carbaholic and wants so much of the Carbage that I could never afford to make him Keto versions of it -as the SAD form is wayyyy cheaper. I have only tried to make Keto ice cream on a few special occasions and it never worked out for me -so I just think that is not for me and I still have over 100 pounds to lose, so I certainly don’t need it!

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Lol, she is SO not interested. She is supportive of me but she said that she herself could never give up sugar. Lol. Like your Hubby, she is a carboholic. She dosent eat much but when she does it’s all carbs and sugar. Lol

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Aww okay --well my hubby eats a lot, of anything he can find…


Given that you already have it I’d just eat it, but the stuff in Olive Oil is much better both for you and tasting!

(Aimee) #44

I hear ya on the ice cream though. Once when I was 25, I went through a shocking three month phase of eating nothing but a whole freaking tub of cookies and cream ice cream a night. It was shocking. I was addicted. But then I caught a terrible cold and never wanted it again.:blush:

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Bless him :blush::joy:. Oh by the way Susan, I hope your feeling a bit better today. Sending you healing love :heart::heart::heart:

(Susan) #46

Thank you very much, Aimee =). I appreciate that, I am not feeling any better (actually worse) but I am using my puffers a lot and if it hasn’t improved by Saturday, I will be going to the walk-in clinic then.

(Aimee) #47

Awwwww poor thing :pensive:. Makes me sad. Will include you in my morning blessing today ok. I always do a blessing to my angels and the universe and will add you and ask them to help you to feel better :heart::heart::heart:

(Susan) #48

Awesome, thank you Aimee =)).