Sunflower oil in Tuna can

(Aimee) #1

Hey guys, I was about to have tuna for lunch but then looked at the nutrition guide and it said there’s sunflower oil in there. Is that a big keto no no?? I think for now I’ll stick with eggs. :flushed:


Keto actually doesn’t ban it but many of us consider it unhealthy, with reason. I avoid it as much as I can (what is pretty much, I cook my food and buy my carefully chosen ingredients. I don’t care about it as much when I visit a relative, that’s rare and it would be too much sacrifice for about nothing).
If you already have the tuna and/or you have no other options… I would eat the tuna with as little oil as I comfortably can. I don’t buy such tuna to begin with, of course, unless I have no other options. But it’s not like it would make me sick once in a blue moon in a tiny amount (I ate that all the time when I was younger, after all, along with worse things). I just avoid it normally and eat better stuff.

(Aimee) #3

Luckily I have a partner who can eat it. Yes I will be extra careful when shopping from now on. There’s so many hidden ingredients in things. I bought salami but it says it has milk in it and I’m now trying to avoid it. I’m quite boring and basic with my food because I don’t want to worry about hidden things in food. I’m very new though so I’m sure as I learn along the way I will get more daring. Sort of just eating eggs and meat and cheese right now. I save a fortune on grocery now.

(Bob M) #4

That’s probably not too bad, as that’s likely such a small amount as to be inconsequential.

That oil in tuna is not great, though.

(Aimee) #5

Thank God I checked the nutrition guide before I ate the tuna!! The salami is SO damn yummy. Maybe just a little slice here and there. I’ll get there. At least now I know to read all the ingredients on all products instead of just the carbs and sugar. Drives my partner nuts in the supermarket :joy:

(Michael - Don't expect miracles and you won't be disappointed.) #6

As a general rule of thumb, anything packed in oil can be packed in water. Always get water pack. Oil packed used the cheapest oil they could get - you have zero way to know what it is and how old it is.

(Aimee) #7

Good idea. I’ll get tuna in spring water next time. I don’t like the oily tuna anyway. The oil is all thick and yucky and seeps out of the pores. I just use coconut oil.

(Alex ) #8

I bought 4 tins of anchovies in oil from my local supermarket a couple of weeks ago, I tried one the other night when I needed a night snack - possibly the most vile thing I have ever tasted, and the oil they are in is like glue.

Definitely stick to spring water if you can!

(Aimee) #9

Oh for sure, I will. Yes cheap crappy oil is awful. My stomach churns thinking about it. No wonder I hated that tuna. The first few days of keto I was eating it, oops :joy:

(Alex ) #10

At least it’s safe keto wise, unlike the tuna cans in tomato / piri piri sauce etc etc.

My understanding of sunflower oils are that they are a trans fat / hydrogenated type that should be avoided and can cause various complications further down the line.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #11

This will have fermented due to lactic acid fermentation. If you’re eating and tolerating cheese I seriously wouldn’t worry about the Salami based on the very small amount of milk used. The lactose will ferment out feeding the lactic acid fermentation and the will be converted from being a sugar.

Not hydrogenated because if it were you would find white Crisco like shortening encasing the fish! :face_vomiting::laughing::joy::joy: You might be right about the trans fats though, not sure on that one. Usually I think they are a result of hydrogenation or high heat frying.


(Aimee) #12

Well that’s good. Thank God. I love Salami except it burns on the way out :joy::joy::joy:

(Alex ) #13

I thought all vegetable derived oils were partially hydrogenated? I know they are highly processed and worse for cooking.


yes you will become a very conscious label reader :slight_smile:

I use tuna in water. Never oil. BOO on that oil, ick.

I bought tuna in oil by mistake one day cause someone put it in the ‘tuna with water’ line and I grabbed 4 cans and 1 was tuna in oil when I got home. Just put it aside with the receipt and next trip to store I returned it and got a water packed. Hey money is money HAHA I need more in my pocket so I hate throwing out stuff if I can return it LOL

(Aimee) #15

Haha yup that’s exactly what I did. I bought about 7 cans of the oily stuff. It was nasty :nauseated_face:. I was an idiot and threw out the receipt so hopefully my partner will eat it :joy:. Ain’t it funny, I love tuna in spring water and hate the oily crap but thought oily was more keto friendly. When in fact it was the opposite. God I’m learning new things everyday. Xx


LOL LOL ok, yea I get it, pass on the icky oily tuna to someone else HAHA you bad :slight_smile:

(Aimee) #17

I know :joy:. I doubt it’s gonna be eaten. My poor partner has had to eat all the keto leftovers plus the crap I change my mind about. I’m mean :joy:

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #18

Go by yourself! In the beginning I spent hours reading everything I picked up, like nutrition label class at school. Now I KNOW and can zip through but I still only look at the back of a product. If you asked me the brand, I wouldn’t know, but I could tell you about the ingredients!

(Aimee) #19

Yep I might just do that. As it takes like 20 minutes longer than it used to, but I find that I’m saving a lot of money since this lifestyle.


You picked out a good partner that would eat icky tuna in oil for ya :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Any cats around? They would eat up that tuna in oil. Well maybe, I know my cats were actually weird about tuna in oil, huh

Also you could donate it to a local food bank if you have any situation like that near you. I am one of those ‘frugal farm’ gals that hates to throw it out if I can use it elsewhere but ya know, in the end, if the garbage tin is the place for it, then yea I send it there also!