Suggestions about what my blood glucose readings mean

(Jane) #21

You could be right!

(Bunny) #22

I still cannot figure out why starchy veggies get this bad rap, they are definitely ketogenic.

Problem being diabetes is an insulin problem not a glucose problem so higher blood sugar would not be a problem considering the butyrate that’s going lower your blood sugars in the long haul?

Starchy veggies are definitely without question ketogenic, for those only eating meat and fat and still seeing high blood sugars, it really does not matter, self sufficiency in producing your own butyrate rather than depending on animals is very nutritious and an accomplishment on the normal way to eat.

I guess people learn the hard way?

(Edward) #23

Alternate universe alert.

(Bunny) #24

Definitely a reality check to say the least!

(Edward) #25

I do sense a substantial need for that - what I meant is starchy vegetables are hardly “ketogenic” because they don’t make the body produce ketones. They do the exact opposite of that. Eat enough of them and ketosis is no more.

(Bunny) #26

I eat potatoes, corn and still in ketosis, maybe the nay sayers eat too much of it?