Sugar isn't that different to smoking for pregnant women

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From the article:

We are finding that sugar exposure can begin to affect a child even
before birth. The sugars that a mother consumes while pregnant or
> nursing can be passed to her baby, disrupt healthy growth and
> development and pose risk for obesity.

Involuntary exposure to sugar can also continue beyond pregnancy and
lactation. Infant formula and baby foods often contain added sugar and
many children are exposed to sugary drinks from infancy. One study
from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which followed
> the diets of 1189 infants over six years, showed that those who were
> given sugary drinks just three times a week at 10-12 months of age had
> twice the risk of becoming obese.

In reality, the situation with sugar and kids has got out of control
and we are starting to understand the repercussions. Certain types of
sugar - especially fructose and artificial sweeteners, which have
dramatically increased in our diet within the last generation - are
particularly damaging during critical periods of growth and
development in children.

Fructose is commonly thought of as healthy because it is found in
fruit. But consumption of beverages made with high fructose corn syrup
and fruit juice concentrates deliver a much higher level of fructose
than in a piece of whole fruit. In an animal study conducted by our
collaborators at the University of Southern California, we found that
higher levels of fructose consumption caused cognitive impairments and
inflammation in the brain but only when sugars were consumed during
the animals’ adolescent growth periods.

Similarly, while we have limited information about how artificial
sweeteners affect childhood development, we do know that they present
another source of potentially dangerous secondhand sugars. A recent
> study from Canada, including more than 3000 women, showed that
> consuming diet soft drinks during pregnancy doubled their infants’
> chances of becoming overweight.

Another article:

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Anything that raises mums glucose in pregnancy is potentially dangerous to the fetus because glucose crosses the placental barrier and insulin does not. So when mum’s glucose goes up it is a challenge to the foetal pancreas … and that may set children up for a lifetime of over producing insulin.

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This worries me - I know I ate so much sugars with both my pregnancies - 2nd time through I ended up getting GD and a whole slew of complications (high BP, blood clotting disorder, protein in urine) that got me put on bed-rest at 29 weeks.

Any suggestions on how to mitigate for them now - they are age 7 and 2 (both boys) - the only decent food they are willing to eat is eggs! My 7 year old has been so underweight we have let him eat almost anything his whole life. The 2 year old (GD pregnancy) has been much more normal weight so far.


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One thing that Dr Sarah Hallberg says that I like … well a lot she says I like, but in particular … if you eat vegetables eat them with fat. Butter with broccoli, Cream cheese with spinach.

Kids appear to have a lot more metabolic leeway that adults, they can switch from glucose to fat for fuel much easier than adults. Some people can apparently tolerate an unlimited amount of sugar and starch without becoming deranged, most appear not to - so it’s probably better for them to get their energy from fat than starch, and make sure they get adequate protein.

Once they get past adolescence you’ll probably find more about how their metabolism works and then maybe they will have to have a strict ketogenic diet.

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This is such a new mindset for me to eat veggies with fat! I did years of super low-fat - high-fiber dieting - lost 70 lb - gained it all back - plus more with the pregnancies and aging.

I try to feed them at least eggs and whatever other protein they will eat.

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I found this thread because I started to wonder about baby boomers and a common infant formula of the time-evaporated milk, water and corn syrup. I know I was fed this, had colic. I also have had life long issues with weight gain and skin issues-rashes, acne etc. I would like to hear if anybody else on this forum knows whether or not they were fed “infant formula”. Is this not also a possible cause of the obesity epidemic in the 70s and 80’s as the boomers aged?


I’m bummed for a friend of mine, even more so after reading this. I recently contacted her to tell her about “The Magic Pill”, even though I’m a strict non-proselytizer, because she’s an awesome person and for as long as I’ve known her she has had severe asthma and has landed in the hospital with infections several times within the past few years. She’s also overweight and puts everyone’s needs ahead of her own, I fear that her health will only slide further.

After I texted her to tell her I was fascinated by the improvement in asthma that were seen on the documentary subjects, she texted me back and said she was eating differently now because she had been recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I hadn’t known that she was pregnant. The new diet her doctors recommended was to lower her fat intake and increase whole grains and other complex carbs.

I feel very unqualified to contradict what she’s hearing from her doctors, and I know she won’t consider doing anything controversial, naturally she is worried about successfully completing her pregnancy. It just makes me sad though.