Sugar free powder drinks

(John Cory Andrew) #1

My wife bought me this lemonade. She means well…:grin:. She also got me fit and active liquid water enhancer. I just started keto and don’t want to get something that will raise my glucose. The fit active second ingredient is propylene glycol which sounds suspicious… Thanks for any help.

(Scott) #2

I have gotten in the habit of drinking good old fashioned water. It’s boring yes but it is cheap and available. I am also blessed with great tasting water straight from the tap.I have also been adding some magnesium to it as well. I just got to the point of why drink zero calorie flavored whatever when I have cheap water available.

(Carl Keller) #3

The two ingredients that stand out to me as iffy are the artificial sweeteners sucralose and aspartame. While most artificial sweetners don’t cause a rise in blood glucose, many affect insulin levels. It’s also believed that these things can cause changes in gut biomes.

(Michelle) #4

Artificial sweetener in water is a slippery slope for me - it makes me crave food all day. That alone makes me think it raises my insulin.

(Jan) #5

Sucralose and aspartame do not affect my blood glucose, but acesulfame potassium (ace k) makes it drop - so I get an insulin response. Not good.

(Door Girl) #6

Well meaning others are the hardest.

I no longer drink anything beyond still or sparkling water, tea and black coffee, the last two hot, iced, or lukewarm from forgetfulness. Nothing added to any of them. The very rare alcoholic drink, but I’m dramatically limiting this until I get to maintenance.

Honestly, it took years of doing this before people realized I was happy and not depriving myself. I have a friend who still pushes sticky sweet hard cider he purchased for me each time I am at his house. Doesn’t help I’ve only been turning those down for 3 months.

Your wife will hopefully soon see how well this WOE treats you. But be prepared for her to be worried about you missing your favorites. My husband is like that with See’s Candy. He always brings it home from trips. Maybe he understands now that I took a small bite of my former favorite and gave him the rest as it was just way too sweet.

Expect that it is coming from a good place, but don’t feel that because she means well you need to give in and eat or drink what she gets. You are learning what you need. Others will follow, but much slower in their understanding.

(Aubrey Simmons) #7

Honestly try it and monitor the affects. I apparently do well with sucralose, I found a zero sugar 1G of card Gatorade that I partake in when I really thirsty. Find what works for you, you might do very well with both of these but you gotta try it. If you try it and find you don’t do well with it you learned something and you can share your experiences. Plain water is the gold standard but jazzing it up sometimes makes Keto fun

(John Cory Andrew) #8

Thanks for the responses. I haven’t tried either of those. Think I’ll stick to water and coffee. I had a Dasani sparkling water with lime last night that was really good. I might try getting some soda water and add lime myself. :grin:

(Aubrey Simmons) #9



Propylene glycol is a solvent used in many, many products from packaged/processed foods to body wash and medications. It gets confused with ethylene glycol (think anti-freeze) and that makes it sound more sinister.

(charlie3) #11

One of the most prominent phycians who perscribes keto in his weight loss clinic is Dr. Westman with his celebrated Page 4 food list. On one of his youtube viideos I recall him saying Crystal Lite sugar free drink powder is okay for the people following his diet. That’s good enough for me.