Study Tied to Food Industry Tries to Discredit Sugar Guidelines

(Richard Morris) #1

I love it when the Soda industry gets busted for astroturfing

(Guardian of the bacon) #2

It is going to be very difficult to defeat the powerful rich grasp of the mega-corporations. There is so much fake news and pseudo-science out there that it becomes increasingly difficult to trust anything that you hear. My modus operandi going forward is to put greater faith in n=1 and testimonials from trusted individuals with little to gain financially from leading me astray.

A grass roots effort can and will make a difference but I’m afraid many lives will be needlessly lost in the battle. Support the little guys willing to stand up and make a statement against the establishment. KCKO

(Sharon A Peters) #3

A December 19th, 2016 review by Annahad O’Connor tackles an article written by medical researchers attacking those who argue that consumption of sugar is the cause of dietary illnesses and health issues in the US. It was published in the prestigious Annals of Internal Medicine. Medical reviewers have pointed out in no uncertain terms that the arguments in the article are not based on fact, and admit their shock that the article managed to pass the journal’s review board. It is both interesting and chilling to see the willingness of some “researchers” to tailor their findings to the song played by their research funding bodies. It shakes the faith in any angry piece of “research” that contradicts long held “wisdom” - especially that which has spawned numerous, wide-spread, high-profit industries that are financially invested in that “wisdom” continuing to prevail … whether it is correct or no longer so.