Studies showing Sweeteners that Raise Insulin Levels?

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Yeah I don’t believe that anything sweet will have zero effect on insulin. Blood sugar, isn’t affected by Erythritol, Stevia or Xylitol from my understanding, but even sweet TASTE has an effect on insulin.

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Carol how is the glycine supplementation going? My wife is a o super strict keto diet to work through a stall. Mostly it is working however on occasion we still would like to have some cream cheese whipped and flavored with chocolate or vanilla. This is where I think glycine would be helpful for her. It is not a sweetener which is forbidden in her plan. It is an amino acid, right ( always looking for the loophole).


Definitely sweetens a bit according to my tastes. I’m not really testing gluc/ket right now so I can’t say how that’s going. I’ve added collagen and glycine on general principle that I don’t get enough of these in my diet naturally.


If you aren’t adverse to CMJ and friends:

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Thanks for this.