Studies comparing LDL with CAC scores

(Bob M) #21

Interesting, Dean. Thanks for posting that.

There are some interesting studies about density of calcification, though they sometimes – I think – become clouded by a prevalence to skew the results toward statins (which increase calcification, but also density).

If you (by “you”, I mean anyone reading this) follow David Diamond or particularly Ivor Cummins on Twitter, people keep posting their CAC scores and the results are truly all over the map. People with “great” lipids getting bad results; people with super high LDL (familial hypercholesterolemia or lean mass hyper-responder type of LDL) getting great results. There are also low scores yet blockages (though these are rare).

(Alec) #22

This is what you said before, and I reckon this is as true today as it was then, if not more so… or are all those pharma CEOs now so swimming in COVID vaccine money that they might care a little less about the statin gravy train…. No, dumb, they are greedy as hell.

(Alec) #23

Just did a google search and found a very interesting study, with a very interesting side bar conclusion:

“Contrary to expectations, the results of the unpaired cross-sectional study suggested that statin and/or PCSK9 inhibitor therapy is an independent predictor of a high CAC score, indicating that statins and/or PCSK9 inhibitors may promote vascular calcification (Fig. 1).”

Blimey! All those taking statins please take note.

(Alec) #24

And this one starts with a rather startling statement:

Background and aim: Previous studies reported that many patients are at high risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD) despite achieving recommended low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) levels.

Do the folks who manage the standards of care actually read the research? It is like they have decided the Diet Heart Hypothesis is true and they have a severe case of Confirmation Bias (a rather bad affliction for people doing their role).

(Mark Rhodes) #25

I’ve had similar results doing my own protocol. My cardiologist told me to continue with no deviation. Haha I’m going carnivore next month. We will see how this continues.

(Jane) #26

Can you share your protocol? My husband is taking D3 and K2 since he got a 114 CAC in one of his arteries. Not terrible and he would be happy to just maintain …but even happier if he can reduce it.

(Bob M) #27

Wheat belly also has a protocol:

Note: have not seen the video. I only know he has a protocol.

Other than D and K2, magnesium could be helpful. Low carb/keto likely helps too.

(Mark Rhodes) #28

Yes I am writing a blog post about it now but parts one and two can be found here

(Jane) #29

Thanks - he is doing everything except fish oil and iodine. We use a foot bath with epsom salt to absorb magnesium.