Stuck in Keto


Thanks big time cause I appreciate that. Chat, even when we are not sure what is being said and needs clarifying is always a good thing on any forum :slight_smile:

OK…I am getting you more now.

Thing is the more carbs (IE JUNK food you put into your body, along with the ‘good healthy carbs’ we call asparagus, some broccoli and green beans) etc. could be monkeying with you. Many, and I don’t say this lightly ever, have true plant toxins that will make a difference to their body. If you are that person it can be very upsetting yet you don’t seem to know it, it is one of those trial and error things.

But what I do ask is WHY do you want out of keto?
Keto is your best option by far.

Carbs of any ‘more junk even than a plant carb’ will ramp up many troubles as in brain fog, sluggy feelings, ANXIETY feelings and desperation and more.

What we eat can truly be who we are in our brains. Our food intake can make us worse, way off what another experiences. Some are so sensitive.

When you go out of ketosis you are putting in foods that take you there. Those foods are the thing that is triggering the troubles. It is NOT your going out of ketosis, it is WHAT YOU ARE introducing into your food that is actually your troubles.

So think of it like this.
I do fine eating XYZ. All the time, I feel better and thinking more clear and see a better ‘more’ good way to go in life.

Then ya eat ‘ABC’ and think I am out of ketosis cause of that food. Cause you know a certain level of carb intake will kill that ketosis level for your body.

Now you feel weirder in the body. Thinking a bit different on what do you want to eat? Why not go there? Hmm, why is everything different a bit then it was so good last week? And we get that anxious more unstable feeling of is any of this shit any good any way LOL heck I been there! :slight_smile:

What it could easily be the going out of ketosis is never the problem, it is the food you ingest to take you out of keto that is the problem.

So what if I stay keto all the time? I bet more than I could it wouldn’t hurt you ever, that holding your carb limit in keto is the best way to improve. But you must hold it. It takes time. Nothing is every magic and happens overnight…darn we wish it does but it won’t.

So thing is while you dump the true junk from your menu you then got a 2 fold trouble happening. In that you go thru detox. Adaption. Can be a lot of time for all of us or no time, we are each so different.

Then while adaption might hit your body you are thinking if I feel bad should I go longer? If I go back out of keto why do I feel more uneasy? Cause you re-introduced the poison your body is trying to eliminate. It gets a fix and changes again. In and out of keto when adapting won’t ever be a good thing truly. For any of us.

it is like you see it, know where you should go but not sure, don’t give it enough time and it all gets too tough to handle. Oh yea I been there truly :slight_smile:

One and most best thing for you. Pick that Keto Plan and hold it. EAT WELL. Get thru the true adaption time you require for your body on your own time. Can be hard, always come chat on the board to work thru that.

If you need help making a menu to eat well on Keto Plan there are SO many here that can do it for you and guide you.

But key is holding this plan! Key is time on plan.

The in and out of keto gets no one anywhere truly. It is that one foot in this level and one foot on another level and you will never even out to a good stance on any of it. Good solid stance.

NOW I AM JUST typing out some info to maybe help :slight_smile:
You take what might be of interest to you and how you can move forward and all, and drop the other stuff that doesn’t suit you.

Being internet chat it is very hard to call a read on what some might need.

But chat it out all the time. I been on forums and chatted out so much BS of what was going on for me but everyone’s help was so needed. I picked thru it, learned from it, discarded a lot and found ME thru it all. I found my path and I KNOW point blank YOU got a path that will do for you in such fine form :slight_smile: You are asking and wanting to find it and you will!!!


Thanks @Fangs
Do you know where I can ask for dietary advice here? I would really like to have a complete diet that I can follow.


You are right where you need to be in your own thread.

Thing is what do you want?

As in I mean how do you truly want to move forward?

If you want the keto lifestyle and what it entails then you grab on and hold it! No matter what to make that change.

Tell us your size kinda, height, weight in general…tell us exactly what you eat in a day and THEN TELL US WHAT THE HECK YOU LOVE TO EAT :slight_smile: What you love to eat, obviously not being cake and cookies LOL we can help you from there.

You will find you thru this change. I know it but you gotta want to work on you and put in some gutzpa on it LOL and then ya got this!


List your foods you love on keto. Let us know how you wanna eat and roll forward. You can do this…we all just gotta chat it out and you will find you thru it all!!!