Struggling to keep my body moving 😔

(Denise) #1

…as many of you know Winter can bring on, or be an excuse, to sit around too much and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing after my 4:30 supper-time. Also, early morning, like now, being online too many hours.

I’m looking for feedback on being much, more active mainly, to help me sleep better at night. I was not doing my walking, or my little 20 minute band workout for about a month, and hardly going out to the grocery story. I started walking again at least, 2 days ago but it’s not enough. I only walk 30 minutes, but it luckily only took me 1 day of walking to do my regular speed the next day. First day I just couldn’t get into it.

Does anyone have a good routine that makes them “active” many more hours of the day? I’d like to especially spend my mornings online, late afternoon and evening sitting on my, well in my recliner watching TV. Last night, I felt like utter crap when I went to bed to read.

This is not the life I want, so hoping to hear some things that will encourage me to be way, more active. Any suggestions welcome, and I need a routine beside my mid-morning 20 minute workout, and my walks about 11:00 after breakfast, thanks much Denise

PS Forgot to mention I’ve finally ordered a fitbit charge 5 I got for a good price so I can begin to keep track of things, to encourage myself.

(Robin) #2

Denise, I was just thinking of you! Glad to see your face again.

I still do my rowing for an hour every night and yoga at some point in the day and walk the dog… thought that barely counts since he is old and slow. We meander.

I read. A lot. So I spend a good many hours on my butt too. But my energy level is still good and I feel good.

You were so disciplined for so long, I suspect you’ll find your way back to your old routines, and feel better and stronger. It’s hard when we step off and give in to apathy and atrophy. But we can do it.

I also suspect that just coming back to your support group here, will be inspiration and motivation.

You’ve STILL got this!

(B Creighton) #3

Hi Denise.
Maybe I’m not the one to answer this, but I do have a winter routine. Walking is excellent. It is low impact and healthful. I know runners who try to keep running into their 70s and 80s, and develop joint issues. Then their ability to get out and do much becomes unpleasant or undesirable. So stick with walking. Although I don’t do this, I believe a morning swim is an excellent form of exercise which will boost your metabolism in the morning, and keep you burning a few more calories throughout the day. Two or three days per week of a morning swim is recommended.

I have been doing research for the last few winters, which occupies most of my day. Currently, my interests are in the areas of health and religious history. So, I end up sitting at my computer for most of the day almost every day. M, W and F I do weight/body exercises, and have been gaining some muscle. I do this in the evening before dinner. I follow it with a protein smoothie and then dinner - so lots of protein immediately after the workout. My research does give me something to do, and it is time consuming, but I like learning new stuff, and figuring out stuff which doesn’t seem to be widely recognized. That gives me purpose to my day, and some drive. Reading books may be along the same vein to keep the mind stimulated. If you are retired, have you considered volunteering? Our society is in need of so many things.

I hardly watch any TV anymore. I watch some sports, and Youtube videos on a wide variety of topics. I get most of my news these days from internet jounalists and some Youtube news services. I have found the quality of most TV shows and the MS news to have fallen to pathetic levels, and they don’t interest me nor inform me anymore - much less entertain me. Movie quality has also deteriorated, and a good flick is somewhat rare, but we do enjoy them as much as possible. There are even some decent older movies I have not seen. I want to continue to find ways to help people as I age - help them find health, spirituality and meaning in their lives. This is what continues to drive me and give me purpose.

(Alec) #4

Just some ideas:

  1. Buy a sports watch and sign up to Strava, and you can see where you’ve been, how long you went, what speed you did, how many k’s you’ve done this week etc etc… no end of fun! :joy:
  2. Make an appointment with yourself every day: 4pm, walk. No matter what, get your walking shoes on, go outside and walk…. BUT, give yourself license to stop and go back if after 3 minutes you are just not feeling it. I can promise you, that 99% of the time after 3 minutes you will want to continue… the most difficult thing in exercise is getting out the door… do whatever deal you have to with yourself to get you out the door.
  3. Arrange to walk with a friend… if you know you will be letting someone else down by not going, you will go!
  4. Find a local walking group
  5. Download a Couch to 5k app (there are a few), and follow the instructions
  6. Find your nearest parkrun, and go and parkwalk (yes, parkwalking is a thing, and many people do it). The community around parkrun is fantastic, and there are many people there who walk it. You might find some new friends to walk with during the week, many doing exactly what you are doing.
  7. Drive and then park 2 miles away from your favourite coffee shop. Walk to coffee shop, have coffee, walk back. Job done.
  8. Buy some new fancy walking shoes… good new kit is always motivating
  9. Reward yourself each time you finish a walk… with whatever is your favourite thing to do (hopefully not eating carbs! :joy::joy::joy:)
  10. A habit takes 30 days to stick. White knuckle doing a walk at a certain time of day every day (without fail and no excuses) for 4 weeks, and it will become the norm, natural for you, you will feel weird if you don’t do it.
  11. Buy some good headphones, buy a good audiobook, and then listen to the audiobook during your walking only ie you can only listen to the book while walking. Want to know what happens next? Go for a walk.
  12. I also suggest that you do some weight training: that does not mean going to the gym, it simply means using your bodyweight to stress your muscles a bit. Muscle atrophy is a major problem as we age, and it is very simple to stop: just do some simple bodyweight exercises 3 times per week. Try to get your muscles to burn! And then enjoy the recovery!
  13. Swimming is also really good for general flexibility and is low to no impact, which can be helpful.

Best of luck… hope 1 or 2 of these ideas help.

(Denise) #5

Thanks Robin, I’ve managed to not sit down except for lunch which was about just a few minutes. I did a lot, my walk, grocery errands just two stores, then home then the lunch and right on out to do two loads of laundry. We have onsite laundry at my apt. bldg. I also took out some recycling and finishing up the my sheets in the dryer, about 10 more minutes.

I am so tired, but after dinner I hope to take my regular after dinner walk. It’s been beautiful today and that really inspired me. I feel pretty tired, but…oops, there goes my timer, gotta get my sheets, but thanks so much for writing. You are so right about this being a support group :wink: Denise

PS I made some Keto Sleep-bombs I so love, and hope they will relax me into a good night’s sleep :wink:

(Denise) #6

Hi scaperdude,

I’m exhausted, I did a lot, including 1.5 hours of walking, 2 separate walks, just got back and planning a Epsom Salt bath with some EO’s I love. I’ll have a couple of my sleep bombs for a treat and to also help me be ready for bed, and my latest book.

I appreciated reading your info, and I love walking, and I do love my resistance bands workout. Tomorrow same routine, as I still have a couple of loads of clothes, and things I can do around my apartment. I do like to spend at least 2 hours on my computer reading some youtubes of interest, I have a bunch of interests, and I love some simpler gaming, single player thIngs, only did I think 3 hours of that total today though, and none in the eves.

I know if I keep this up I will need more fuel, so I eat a lot of meat (mostly red) and also Red Salmon, wildcaught. Anyway may more tomorrow, hit a couple other things you mentioned, I’m just so pooped out :wink: ty again, Denise

(Denise) #7

Hello Alec, thank you for the list, I am really toast, what a great day I had though. I hope I’m not too sore tomorrow, LOL!! I think I know my routine already, but will take a closer look at your suggestions tomorrow morning. That’s when I’m going to be spending at least 2 hours online.

Thanks so much, Denise

(Robin) #8

Denise, do you have any heart issues? Just curious, there can be so many causes of unexplained fatigue. Especially at our age. Have you had a co plate check-up recently?

(Denise) #9

Hi Again @Alecmcq,

I got a full 6 hours of sleep lastnight, felt so excellent! I’m not as sore this a.m. as I thought I might be but I did an Epsom Salt bath with EOs, and had a nice Keto Sleep Bomb before bed :wink:

My Fitbit Charge 5 will be here today or tomorrow I’m hoping! I had ordered it, finally, last week. I’m going to love it, especially since I got off my hind-end :wink: Right now, I am developing my routine but I’m not going to make a schedule for myself, I do better with just getting into a routine for now :wink:

I do listen to my body, and if I’m not up to something, I don’t feel bad about ending the activity so I do that. You are right about getting out the door, but I notice if I don’t let myself think about it, just get in auto-pilot mode, it works. I’m sure there’ll be times when it doesn’t. I can tell by your writing that you’ve been there done that so thanks so much for sharing your tips :slight_smile:

I did have a guy join me lastnight and it was so great, we had lots to talk about, and that hour of walking flew by! He would have gone further but I just couldn’t :wink: I’m hoping he’ll join me again. He’s been walking on his own too I found out and he’s improved so much! He had bad leg cramps so I recommended trying Mag. Citrate. He said he hasn’t had a cramp since and gave my idea 2 thumbs up :wink:

Ok I need a break now, so will explore your suggestions another time. I don’t want to be on here too long. I’ll keep this thread as my home-page and let folks know (my support group here) how I am doing :wink: Denise :smiley:

(Denise) #10

Your reply was most welcome Scaperdude,

I’ve been wanting a Protein drink during the morning or earlier in the day but was wondering what you are using/creating for yourself? I’m diabetic (T2) so I won’t do sugar, if any, but can replace it with a little stevia.

I’d also love swimming but for now, I’ll stick with walking, and my resistance bands, probably already mentioned that somewhere. We do have a nice Municipal Pool here in town I can use if I decide to.

I’ve shied from running/jogging for same reasons you mentioned, read about the possibility of issues as well. But I just love walking way better than anything. I do feel a need to build/maintain muscle so I did the gym for my first 3 or so years on Keto. Then it got so I just wanted to save the money, so organized a neat area for me to do a resistance band workout. I love that, following heather Robinson on Youtube.

She has a ton more I plan to try with dumb-bells eventually. Also lots more I can progress into with harder band-exercises and more. It’s all at my finger tips if I will just not get lazy. So far so good with my reset :wink:

I think I may have mentioned my new Fitbit Charge 5, which happened to be a good fit for my small wrists. I also got an extra pack of nylon band w/velcro. It will be interesting, and helpful to know “about” what I am doing, and I especially like the heart-rate monitor.

I gotta tell you research is my main thing online, or just reading about different health info, studies, listening to podcasts, or just shorter videos from people like Ben Bikman, but I’m a very curious type and love learning. I seem to have a good sense of what to throw on the burn pile, and the info to keep;)

TV pretty much stinks, especially news. But I have some older shows like Poirot, Midsommer Murders, and yes, a few older movies, some classics, and I watched The Fugitive for the 2nd time with Tommy Lee Jones, and Harrison Ford. Great flic imo. I love the really old shows like Sherlock Holmes with Rathbone or Brett :wink:

I am thinking about volunteering as well, but not right now. Thank you again for all your help and I’m glad you decided to reply to my post :wink: Denise

(B Creighton) #11

We appear to be a bit more energetic in the morning… I’m glad you told me you’re a diabetic - I’m sure that’s why sometimes you feel so tired. That is probably why you’re a member of this forum…yes? Since I have been doing low carb and keto, I have been much less tired in the afternoon. If you get feeling really tired, can I suggest just having some goat yogurt, coconut yogurt or maybe a coconut fat bomb? If that wakes you up, problem solved. I find the MCTs I get from my goat yogurt give me a good start to my day, and I have good energy throughout the day apparently from the other fats in my morning yogurt. I just think science has really overlooked the health benefits of MCT fats. These options should give you good energy without the insulin spike and eventual sugar crash(unless you are a T1).

OK on to protein smoothies. I do mainly two flavors - chocolate and vanilla. For both I use Orgain protein powder with Superfoods. I just use the recommended two scoops, which provides about 20 gr of carbs and 20 gr of protein. The carbs come from the “superfoods” which are powdered grains and vegetables. Orgain does not use any added sugar. If you don’t want the carbs, Orgain also makes plain protein powder. Both flavors are mostly sweetened with erythritol, which doesn’t give me any problems., and is acceptable to me, as it is organic. I actually want this small amount of carbs to give my insulin a boost. Insulin is pro growth - the serious body builders all seem to use it, but I just boost it naturally. If you don’t want the carbs, like I said, Orgain makes a plain protein powder, or you can order some from a company like Sun Warrior. The Orgain protein powder uses pea and rice protein. Sun Warrior uses pea and hemp protein. The combo gives a complete essential amino acid profile, but I spike it with a scoop of BCAAs to make it more anabolic. I also add about 25 gr of whey protein. So my smoothie has about 45 gr of protein from protein powders. The Orgain gives it all a decent taste. I also add some bone broth collagen, which is more protein. Muscle also has collagen in it to hold the fibers together, and give it strength. To build muscle, you need collagen, so I provide it rather than hope my body is going to make it. This is all added to a base of either coconut or almond milk in my blender. I typically add a whole Haas avocado, and then the powders. This year I have also been adding some green whole food powders, which I believe have some stevia.

If you want a better taste, you can skip the collagen powder and use less whey powder. When I am making the chocolate flavor, I also add some raw cocoa powder to offset all the unflavored powders I am adding. As I indicated in another post, I have started looking for an unsweetened hemp milk, but haven’t found a source yet. Hemp is the perfect base for my smoothie, but if I can’t find it unsweetened (or sugarless), I may have to settle for raw goat or A2 cow milk for now, as I don’t want to have almond milk every day, and I think the coconut milk is making me gain some fat, as I am trying to raise my insulin some at the same time.

I used to just have one of these smoothies after my workout, but this year I have added another, the following day as my lunch. I typically am not even hungry, so use the chocolate flavor on my recovery day for lunch to make me want it a little more. This extra smoothie is necessary to bring my protein intake up to where it really needs to be to get decent muscle growth, but to get even 120 gr per day of protein into me feels almost like a chore. I have always considered myself to be a hard gainer, but three years ago, I surprised myself by doing keto, and getting good gains. Not sure my gains are quite as good this year, but I am still relatively happy with the gains I have made at about 2 pounds of muscle per month. That just seemed impossible for me in high school, LOL.

I do mostly body exercises like chin ups and pull ups, and diamond pushups. I do have a Nautilus machine I bought for $75, I use for the pull ups and dips, but I have not progressed far enough to need to add weights for these exercises - they are hard enough now, LOL. I do use added weights for squats and curls.

It may seem counterintuitive, but I have been doing my training at the end of my OMAD IF day followed by a smoothie. I seem to be getting results, so am just fine tuning it. Supposedly, the whey protein is fast and easily digested, while the plant protein is supposedly slower, and would give my body something to assimilate while I sleep. So, on my workout days, I am only getting about 80 gr of protein, which is about 1/2 the usually recommended amount for muscle gaining, and then about 120 gr protein max on my recovery day. So, I must be doing something right, because I am gaining at a respectable clip, and I just don’t really want to eat anymore. It seems 120 gr of protein is about the max I can force down myself per day, LOL.

No problem. I don’t pay for a gym. I just do all my exercises at home, and I keep the house in the sixties in the winter so save a little money on the heat bill, while keeping the house in the 60s to encourage my fat to become BAT. In fact I dress down to my skivvies to do my exercises in the cool to encourage this process along. I generally, listen to Pink Floyd or Dire Straits, etc to exercise to, and that seems to keep me more energized and on task while I exercise. Movies or videos are too distracting.

(Denise) #12

Yes, mornings are my most energetic. If I have to leave early, say, for a doc appt. or anything else, I’ll go right on through my lunch as I eat a lot of protein for breakfast. Usually sausage, eggs, cheese. I do eat a cup of spinach thrown into that mixture, only real carb I eat at all. I do use Olive Oil with my 2 main meals, and a sort of snack at lunch. That consists of Two Good Yogurt, blueberries, and walnuts.

I use a tsp each of these seeds, and nutritional yeast w/breakfast: Flaxseed, Chia Seed and Nooch (nutritional yeast).

The rest is only the Sleep bombs near bed-time, and only meat, fish or chicken at dinner so nothing else.

I was real tired today after a 30 minute walk, and then up and down stairs to do my laundry fold and put away. Thing is I probably over-did it a little yesterday so I let myself have 1.5 hour nap. I also make Fat-bombs using Cacao, coconut oil, walnuts, Sunflower Butter, and stevia, again, I don’t overdo stevia, one scoop for a whole batch sweetens it just barely as there’s a bit of carbs in those.

I don’t do any meds for my T2 so I won’t let my sugar spike at all. My last a1c was 6.0. they flag that but doesn’t bother me, that’s low but they still call it pre-diabetes. Pre to me means before T2.

Anyway, I’m going to do my after dinner walk, maybe another Epsom Salt bath because I just want to feel good and rested in a.m. I think I’ll need a bit larger portions of things, add a egg, a bigger chunk of meant etc. I read today a lot of negatives about protein powder, but I don’t see a problem with it. I don’t like the whey or something like pea protein so looking at other types Scaper.

I’m 71, and I was lazy for almost a month, so me being tired in afternoon can be that, I’ve only done 3 days, today is 4 if I’m remember right :laughing: so all seems normal for me. I am getting good energy after getting up, and after walks. The lunch/snack is pretty carby although it doesn’t spike my bg, it could make me tired, I agree :slight_smile:

I had some bad migraines, about 2 weeks worth, and that contributed to my laziness. I was sick with headaches a whole month though so can’t blame migraines for all of it :wink: Discouragement too, but I’m getting back on track now.

I go make some notes on your recipes for protein drinks, and thanks so much!! Denise

PS I do use 1 scoop of collagen in the a.m. for my 1 cup of decaf. I also use Collagen in my sleep-bombs so that and with my diet, probably enough.

(Edith) #13

Part of your problem is most likely the time of the year and the weather if you are in the Northern Hemisphere. The days are still short and if your weather is anything like we’ve been having in Virginia, frequently overcast. Short overcast days definitely put me into hibernation mode and decrease my motivation.

I think the best thing you can do is to get yourself outside in the daylight early in the day. I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts lately about sleep hygiene and that is a very common recommendation to get exposed to the early light to start one’s day. I think getting exposed to natural light early in the day may help give you more energy throughout the day.

(Denise) #14

Hi @VirginiaEdie, I know you are right about the weather. We’ve had more rain again this Winter, but I’ve been out twice a day walking, since we’ve had 5 days in a row not rain. I feel so much more energy again, and even did my resistance band workout this a.m. for the first time in a month! The last two days have been in the 40s, no Sun, but dry so I’m out there.

I thought I’d have another good night’s sleep lastnight but no go, I may have nodded out just before midnght but woke again at 1, finally got up at 3. I didn’t go back to bed though, felt energetic and did my workout with bands and then did my walk after that. I took a nap just 1 hour, then got my dinner, and then just now got back from a 30 min walk.

Things are going well, not sure about the sleep but since I am retired, I can nap if I need to. I am also very lucky to have to larger “picture” windows we used to call them, in my apartment, one being in my bedroom which I never close the shades. I get up before dawn anyway, but lots of light all day until about half hour ago :wink: