Strong Lifts Intermitent Fasting and restricted Calories

(Brian Van Benschoten) #1

Hello I am looking for advice/confirmation on my current calorie/workout routine.

I am 54 years old and been low-carb for 3 years, I am still over weight 240 and wanting to lose down to comfortable weight 190-200. I typically fast 18 to 23 hours daily, eating my meals in the evening.
I started strong lifts 2 weeks ago and have noticed that my hunger has actually declined, I am only eating around 800 calories a day and feeling fine, I assume that my body is using the fat for fuel.
I do take my daily supplements in the morning early, I take MCT powder and collagen in coffee around 9 and an hour or so later electrolyte’s.
An example of what I eat for the day would be 3 eggs, 5 or 6 links of breakfast sausage links a couple of slices of cheese, a table spoon of cream cheese and an Quest bar.

Thanks ahead of time for looking at this and any advise is welcome


(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #2

Hey, I started strong lifts last week too, but the opposite happened. I got so hungry and convinced myself I needed carbs for some stupid reason, I ended up over eating last week a whole lot.
I need to refocus this week and pull back on the food intake.
How are you liking strong lifts?
I started out with the bar at 20kg cause I lost all my strength from crossfit during adaption.

(Brian Van Benschoten) #3

So far I like the program, very simple to follow, I can see modifying it later on as it will get boring in a month or so.

(Bulldog Fitness) #4

Hey, Can you link me to the details about this program?

Thank you

(Brian Van Benschoten) #5

Strong Lifts is an app you add to your phone.

Since I posted that note, I have converted to Ketogain’s to calculate my Macro’s, they also have some accessory lifts that compliment the strong lifts program that I just added to my work out this week, basically arm work, bicep & tricep. Currently eating more calories as the workout has gotten harder.


(Jenny) #6

(Casey Crisler) #7

Have you had any noticeable results in using StrongLifts? I know it’s been less than a month but I’m curious since I’ve been meaning to start it.

(Brian Van Benschoten) #8

Well yes! However, I am tracking my Macros in Cronometer and being VERY strict as in eating at a decent deficit, around 1500 and below, I have dropped 2" in the waist and about 10 Lbs.

(Nick Ascher) #9

I’ve been doing strong lifts for about two months now. It started off reaaaally boring because the weight was absurdly light and easy especially for only 5 reps, but I wanted to stick to the program and do what it told me. I’m now starting to get into more challenging weights, moreso for certain lifts. Squats are getting a little difficult but bench is still pretty easy to the point that I feel like I’m wasting my time, but still, gotta stick to the program. One thing I’ve noticed is that deadlifts have always made me nervous so I never tried them (I lifted weights on and off previously so I’m not a complete newb) but doing them with low weight and gradually increasing has really helped. I just wish I was allowed to do more than one set because I want to!

My real concern though, is that once the weight starts getting heavy, I’m not going to be able to stay at the caloric intake that I’m at (~1500 a day) and still be able to increase weight. It’s frustrating because I want to continue to lose fat, but I also want to continue to get stronger, and I don’t want to have to put one on hold to chase the other. I really enjoy lifting weights and especially enjoy doing these compound movements. I’ve been experimenting with calorie cycling (eating low calorie on rest days and high calorie on work days) so I guess I’ll see how that works, but I’m assuming I’m going to hit a wall where I have to just suck it up and lose the fat before I can start really lifting heavy.

(Brian Van Benschoten) #10


I am 54 years old 5’ 10" 235lbs, had not lifted in over 10 years and started the same program several weeks ago!

I have been doing Strong lifts for 12 weeks now, I started out with the bar only and followed the plan.
I have been on restricted calories (1500) and am having no issues, what I did do was de-load when thing began to get to difficult, this really helped me stay with the program and it will helped with my strength.
If you have any further questions just ask I will share my experience.


(Jenny) #11

ive done some research on body recomposition…try looking into that. That’s losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time. i do stronglifts plus fasting, sometimes fat fasting, sometimes low cal keto and sometimes i eat keto but over calories (usually about one day a week). Just depending on how i feel and what’s working. i try for 1:1 protein and this has been working well for me. Plus i really love and enjoy lifting.