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Wife and I have been on keto for 1yr 8 months. My wife had a stroke this past Sunday. Dr said it was from high cholesterol and blood pressure. He said could be a cause of excessive fat intake. Any input would be appreciated

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I am so sorry! How is your wife doing?

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(Ron) #4

Have her doctor run a particle size cholesterol test ( ) and CAC test if you want the true picture.

(Bunny) #5

Very sorry to hear that.

What type of stroke was it, if you don’t mind me asking?

My personal theory as to why this would happen is not enough Vitamin C in the diet as a consequence of the salt/sodium over-load required on a ketogenic diet because salt will strip the endothelium of glycocalyx in which case vitamin C maintains the structural integrity of glycocalyx on the vascular walls which makes the endothelium so slippery that it is resistant to damage by triglycerides, cholesterol crystals and other factors such as calcification etc. And having enough Vitamin K in the diet is also good to get the dietary calcium shuttled to the bones and teeth where it belongs and not sticking to the walls of veins and arteries.

(Edith) #6

I’m very sorry to hear about your wife. Had your wife checked her blood pressure and cholesterol levels since starting keto?

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I’m not comfortable commenting on medical questions of this nature, but I do want to say how sorry I am to hear about your wife’s stroke. I hope she recovers well.

(Scott) #8

Not giving medical advice but having this information can help you see more detail in what her current state is. I just had both of these done this week. I was able to get the CAC done for $139.00 self pay. That included the scan and interpretation or score. Out of habit fat intake is routinely blamed or discouraged and recommended to be replaced with unhealthy alternatives. Do your own research and follow your gut. I hope she makes a full and robust recovery.

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Blood pressure was always little high 150/75to80 cholesterol were good but don’t know numbers

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I called my wife to see if they will do this test. Maybe they have done it if so I will see about getting results, it’s a problem though they won’t call me or can’t get in.thanks for info

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She’s healthy women very very active and pulling through this fast. It’s a mild stroke and yesterday they started 7 days of therapy. She has double vision in 1 eye

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Thanks. Have to say the dr is not blaming keto diet he’s just saying he believes that blood and cholesterol was the problem. Cholesterol was at 185

(Scott) #13

Mine clocked in at 211 and was the only marker that was “high” The NMR test showed all my HDL & LDL and related particle sizes to all be on the “low risk” side. All were solidly within the normal range but on the “better” side instead of nearing the high side. If I went solely on my high cholesterol number I wouldn’t have gotten a clear picture of my health. Glad she is doing well.


I’m sorry for your wife, hopefully everything’s ok with her now. The reality is there’s no real link to our fat intake and strokes. But that aside If he didn’t do a particle size test or a CAC score then he’s just guessing. If he didn’t (actually) look, then he’s just using the diet as an easy out. That said, even on keto fat isn’t unlimited and it definitely shouldn’t be “excessive”. Has her cholesterol been something you’ve ever paid attention to prior? Or did she have previous tests to compare to?

(Gary hoover) #15

Thanks. We will do this test

(Scott) #16

I think you will be happy you did. I did mine for the fun of it and to reassure myself and my wife this way of eating is healthy. My CAC score was a 2. It was funny, my wife had a non binding bet with a coworker for $150 that my labs would be a disaster.

(Edith) #17

Was she tested for Covid-19? There was some information in the news a while back that some younger people with Covid-19 were having strokes.

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Good point. I don’t know as he won’t call or I can’t get in hospital

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Did she get paid

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Not unless they tested her in hospital but I would think they do that immediately as they have virus patients in separate building so I would say yes for testing