(Gary hoover) #21

The dr wants to know what CAC test is he never heard of it.

(Scott) #22

No she was betting against me. She is not a big fan of me going carnivore. It was also not a proper bet, more like “I’ll bet $150 his arteries are clogged and his cholesterol way high”

(Scott) #23,arteries%2C%20the%20higher%20the%20score.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #24

Not good. :flushed:

(Scott) #25

I find this a bit disturbing. Maybe it is more in the realm of a cardiologist but still I don’t want to wait till I need one of them to get it done. I want the time to work on fixing it.

(Gary hoover) #26

I agree but what does it mean.

(Gary hoover) #27

I guess I needed to look. Thanks

(Gary hoover) #28

My wife said this dr is not a neurologist so she will be asking when he comes in

(Ron) #29

The dr not knowing or hearing of a CAC test is a red flag to me. They are taught this in medical training. I would be looking for a new doctor.
I would also make sure they did check for Covid 19.

(Gary hoover) #30

They check her automatically for virus and she is in the hospital so you get the dr that is in for the day and it is not her neurologist. Just a dr making rounds. They are going to do the Special cholesterol test so will know more on that one