Strange reading from my ketomojo

(Timothy Jan Atkins) #1

I have been eating like a pig for about 4 months now, every day around 5-6000 kcal of junk food. I have the keto mojo. I did ketomad at about 600 kcal for 2 days, then straight in to a 3 day fast.

25march GKI 15.3, G82, K0.3.

26 march GKI 3.8, G68, K1.0.

27march GKI 0.9, G63, K 3,6 (Day 1/3 day fast)

28 march GKI 0.5, G68, K7.1 (Day 2/3 day fast)

29march GKI 0.3, G55, K HI (Day 3/3 fast, before dinner)

29 march GKI 0.5, G68, K7 (Day 3/3 fast, 30 min after dinner)

29 march GKI 0.4, G70, K HI (Day 3/3 fast, 1h15 min after dinner)

The only exercise i do is 1 hours walk in the morning and then about 100 pushups spread out over the day. the rest is sedentary.

The ketones are very high. The test are taken at around 4pm. Ketoacidosis?

I also should say that I usually do ketomads every day for 6-month periods where im very strict with the macros.
Ive got bad heartburn and im tired. maybe i went in to a 3 day fast too quickly? should have done a week of 24’s and then a few2 days.

Im amazed it only took 3 days to get a GKI that low. Im used to doing 24’s, usually for 6 months straight.

The high ketones worry me. im not diabetic, i checked 3 years ago, but i only have one adrenal gland that doesnt work. I take hydrocortisone (2x10 mg a day), and levaxin for hypothyroidism (50mg)

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #2

If your pancreas is producing any insulin at all, then diabetic ketoacidosis (hyperglycaemia combined with serum β-hydroxybutyrate over 10.0) should not be a concern.

If you are taking an SGLT-2 inhibitor, then euglycaemic ketoacidosis (without the hyperglycaemia) is a possibility, but your doctor would have warned you about it.

Euglycaemic ketoacidosis can also occur in women who are pregnant or lactating, on a keto diet, and who try to fast. The keto part is fine; it’s just that those conditions are too strenuous on the body for fasting to be feasible.

In any case, while doctors worry about ketoacidosis when serum β-hydroxybutyrate reaches 10.0 mmol/dL, symptoms are not apparent until it reaches 20.0.

I suspect you’d be far less worried if you took ketone readings throughout the day. The number can be quite volatile.

(Timothy Jan Atkins) #3

Cheers Paul, thank you for the reply! I guess the marker for me producing insulin is that my blood sugar is low, though I wonder if my non function adrenal gland puts me in a similar situation as the lactating mom. I did read those studies as well. I dont produce my own cortisone, and as we know, cortisone goes up when fasting. The strange thing is, i did 24’s last year for 3 months with no trouble at all. And funny how fast i got in to such low GKIs, no?

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #4

Oh, and here’s another possibility, especially if you just started a new batch of test strips: your strips might be faulty, or they might not be properly calibrated. Either can also give erratic readings.

I’ve heard of both happening, even if they are not all that likely.

(Timothy Jan Atkins) #5

ive “calibrated” them with testing fluid, they all fall in to the designated range. I wonder if i should take some sodium bicarbonate for this mean heartburn, its constant

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #6

I’ve read that acid reflux is usually the result of a lack of stomach acid, not an excess. We apparently need a certain level of acid in the stomach to keep the oesophageal sphinctre closed. You might try vinegar or lemon juice, or one of those stomach-acid supplements.

(Timothy Jan Atkins) #7

too late! i went for the bicarb, and it cleared it upp immediately. probably come back with a vengeance later. i think this AR is from my body being too acidic bc of the high ketones, and its escaping through the stomach or something.

new readings are GKI 0.7, G79, K6.0. the meal consisted of rice that was cooled overnight with lots of olive oil, 3 eggs and 100g of chicken. Thats basically how they treat it in the hospital, they give a glucose drip so i thought the closes thing would be white rice that i had at home.

My last test about 2 hours after i ate:
GKI 0.6 G73, K6.6