Stove top vs electric pressure cooker

(Rikka Power) #1

I’d really like to get a pressure cooker. What would be more versatile and best value for money a stove top or electric pressure cooker?

I know the stove top ones can reach a higher pressure than the electric ones but the electric ones, it seems to me, just push a button and you don’t have to think about it.

Thoughts please.

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #2

It depends on what you’re after. I’d never thought about it, but you’ve summed up the difference quite well.

There are pressure cooker/slow cooker combinations out there (Crockpot makes one that’s quite nice), and the convenience of “set and forget” is very nice.

(John) #3

We really like our instant pot. we have the 8qt ultra and we can sous viede with it but i think they have a new one out that has a setting for it instead of doing a custom temp on the ultra. I did Test the water temp multiple times and it was within a couple degrees of what I set it at every time so it is relatively accurate

(Bunny) #4

I have an electric pressure cooker not sure if it makes any difference compared to a stove top one but I can take a frozen roast straight out of the freezer and put it in that thing and within an hour its completely done like it had been sitting in a crock pot all day…lol

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #5

What about a ninja foodi? I think that thing does a little bit of everything :joy: I don’t have one (I have an instant pot), but my mom does and she loves it.


IMO stove top ones are way too much work. Hit a button and walk away! I’d strongly recommend the Ninja Foodi. I’ve had a no name ripoff, followed by an Instant Pot which was replaced with the Foodi, The Foodi is the best kitchen thing I own. Being able to pressure cook and air fry in the same thing is awesome.