Stop telling newbies to eat more fat!

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I am stunned that you haven’t received a straightforward response to this, because it’s a great question with a simple answer: you do not need to meet any macros at all. Don’t eat starches and sugars, eat real food, and stop eating when you’re full. Try that for a few months and see what happens.

I urge you not to listen to people who tell you to eat more fat or more protein or whatever. It’s all nonsense IMHO. Don’t be afraid of fat, is all I’d say. If you eat the right foods when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full, your body should self-regulate. Eat as much as your body tells you – that’s the most attractive thing about this way of eating, at least for me.

Please please read my initial post on this thread: Stop telling newbies to eat more fat! You will almost certainly be eating a lot less than the 70-90% fat that weight-stable people are eating, because your body will tell you to stop eating before you come even close to that “macro.” Don’t overthink. Don’t count macros. Listen to your body. If you have trouble in a few weeks/months, then you can come back and think about whether you want to start tracking your macros/calories in an app like Cronometer or something.

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Thank you, Cindy - that, I understand. I think I am there. I have been finding that it has become more difficult to meet my macros. I just don’t feel like eating that much, so I’ve been eating to satiety but then have been afraid that I am not doing what I am supposed to. I’ve been good with keto coffee before I go to work and then dinner. I thought I had to come close to my macros with dinner, but that is a lot. I am feeling better about it now. I will still continue to eat low carb (usually less than ten), and try to keep my protein and fat macros “proportional” to what they were originally projected to be.

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Thanks, Gabe; you are right. It’s happening. I’m almost five weeks in and I don’t have the desire to eat or seemingly the “capacity” for the richness as when I first started. I will go back and read your original post, however, will I lose weight on this? I am not hungry, am not craving, can do some IF, etc., however will I lose weight?! I feel better already but I want this weight gone. I have a long ways to go and don’t feel good about my appearance. I don’t weigh myself so it’s hard to get level set (although I know weight is not an accurate indicator as well).

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Not necessarily, but it’s likely. You’ve done it for a month; give it another 2 months and then let’s see where you’re at. Generally when you remove sugars and starches from your diet, your body will burn some fat and find a new set point; I recommend reading Gary Taubes’s excellent book, “Why We Get Fat” for a great explanation of the history and science behind the carbohydrate-insulin hypothesis.

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Had to go to the doctor today for an annual exam and I got weighed. I don’t weigh myself at home. I am down five lbs in five week. Better than going up, but I really had hoped it would be more. I had hoped I would be like the people in the Success Stories that dropped a lot quickly. That is why I don’t weigh myself. I am totally satisfied with this WOE and have no desire to go back to my addiction, but rassafrassa. I will out the keto coffee in the morning. The thing that was pretty exciting was my blood pressure was 130/78, which is a miracle for me.

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Excellent NSV!

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To make your protein and fat macros come out even requires eating 2.25 times as much protein as fat by weight. It’s very hard to do. Remember two key facts: macros are calculated as percentages of total calories, not weight; and protein contains 4 cals/g, while fat contains 9 cals/g. This means that equal weights of protein and fat give you 31% protein to 69% fat.

The other thing to remember is that most meats are around 25% protein, or about 7 g/oz. So if you want to eat 70 g of protein, that’s roughly a 10-oz. (or 283-g) steak.

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Congratulations on the improvement in blood pressure, that’s awesome. As is an average of 5 pounds a week. BTW, ignore the success stories, focus on some of the threads here, especially the NSV threads. It will come

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Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’ve been averaging around 150 g/week the last month or so. The next 5 kg will likely be excruciatingly slow unless I do weirder things than keto. I’ve lowered my fat intake, due to digestive issues, and now I’m starting to do some whole day fasting as well. But the fasting is just because my body feels like it.

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When I posted on this thread, I was discouraged after coming home from the doctors and only being down five pounds in about four weeks. I feel better about it now, though. I have lost a lot from my belly, which is wonderful, but I notice an overall loss to everywhere I carry my most weight. I went back and examined my meal tracking and I noticed that my first month, I was eating a lot of dairy. I’d eat an ounce or two of plain cream cheese and enjoy it. Lots of cheese overall, and a good amount of cream in my coffee. At that time, I thought all fats on the plan were “good fats.” Now I see it’s better to practice moderation with some foods. I can tell I am losing faster now that I made these changes. Using butter now more than cheese. Still feeling great! :blush:

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I agree with the need for me to make sure I get enough fat in. When I had a Keto coach give me my macro evaluation I was shocked at how much fat I need to get in. I am intolerant to dairy and eggs, as well as nuts so the common sources are out. But I do like coffe and can add butter or Ghee in! :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2: So when I hear people say not encourage adding fat or doing fatty coffees it confuses me and I try going back to what you said the low carb but lower fat and I start gaining weight back. :weary: we all need to find what works for us and stay the course!

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interesting. i had a lot to lose. last july i weighed 245, now i weigh 170. i stuck with 75,20,5 from the very beginning. found it easier to use the “stupid simple keto” app, rather than counting. guess what i’m saying is, it was correct for me.

(Marianne) #342

Wow, you look great! Very inspiring. Now that I am eating once or twice a day, I will have to recalculate my macros. The ones I started with were for three meals a day and are too high now.

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Great progress



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You look fit and fabulous! Did you adjust your macros proportionally from what they were originally if you are doing OMAD, TMAD or 16:8 IF? Now that I am eating most often OMAD or TMAD, it doesn’t make sense to me to meet the same number of macros as when I was just starting and eating three meals a day.

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omad, sometimes tmad. don’t think my macros have adjusted much. breakfast usually bpc - started whipping the cream first with vanilla powder, less butter, but added cocoa butter, collagen and ceylon cinnamon. meals are usually one dish and last a few days. this is peppers, chayote squash, , mushrooms, asparagus, chorizo, and grate on some cheese. my son moved home a couple months ago. even with an indiscrimnate rock star, he’s still lost twenty pounds and says he doesn’t feel the least deprived. i only shop at the local butch and produce market. food budget for two people is about $350 a month. any my garbage pickup is a light can once a month.

with that said, i don’t track macros, but it’s a good balance for me.

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That meal looks and sounds delicious! I have got to try making more elaborate things. Luckily, I love leftovers. I’ve only been doing meat and vegt. for dinner, and something very simple for breakfast and/or lunch. I want to try Italian Cabbage Stir Fry from Diet Doctor. That sounds delicious to me and something easy to make.

(Shaena Peterson) #348

totally into easy. and we love leftovers. made this tuesday afternoon, thought it would last longer. used the last of it in an omelette for this evening’s dinner.