Stokies' goal!


Congratulations!!! You are beautiful and what an amazing thing to accomplish! Go you!!!

(Full Metal Keto) #22

Slam dunk, score! In their face. Congratulations Carolyn. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Troy) #23

Huge Congrats! Wow

Cycle Jersey design time?
Maybe replicate the Poke a dot king of the…oh wait, I mean a QUEEN of the mountain jersey - yup

“ I lost 1/3 of my body weight in one year. YOU can too. Ask me how “:rofl:

Gloat it up😄

(Jane) #24

You are much nicer than me. They are pea-green jealous assholes with poor upbringing!

(Bob ) #25

Congratulations Stokie, you look great!

In that top left pic you almost look like you’re trying to hide behind the phone, afraid to take the picture. I understand!

I’m with @Tmdlkwd - may be time for a new cycling jersey.


Who are these animals you’re surrounded by?! I’ve never even HEARD of adults making such rude comments! Either way, pretty much impossible that they can’t see the change in you as it’s stunning. I assume they’re trying to be funny or cute, and are – indeed – ultimately jealous of what they’re assuming is willpower. Distance yourself from them – ASAP!

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #27

You’ve always been an inspiration to me. Not only have you handled the physical stuff but the mental stuff too, with a level head and self love.

As for mean people, they have to live with themselves. You, on the other hand, get to live in your transformed self and that’s a gift. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing, Carolyn!

(Jane- Old Crone) #28

I think you look fabulous! Such a dramatic change. Congratulations on meeting such a huge goal! :tada::sparkling_heart::tada: KCKO
(I think those other people are full of $*i+)

(Carolyn aka stokies) #29

You are likewise an inspiration - very much enjoy your transparency here too :heart:


I’ve not been so inspired to consider (?) posting before and after pictures (while also continuing the journey) and to share more of my story than I am right now.
Thank you for sharing your 1 year goal accomplishment!

(Carolyn aka stokies) #31

The support here is amazing so I highly encourage you to do it when you feel ready to! Congrats on committing to your health :slight_smile: And welcome!

(Susan) #32

Welcome to the forum @SDOC (I got a message that this is your first post).

Carolyn is certainly a great inspiration to us all; she is spot on saying about the support here being amazing, I agree.

This forum is a major asset to me in my goals atm too, really great bunch of people.

(Kim Appleton) #33

Huge CONGRATULATIONS on a tremendous milestone!!
Well done and thank you for sharing about the slower progress. My goal is similar and after 6 months I’m only 1/3 the way there. But this is a lifestyle that’s working and I’m not going back, so the weight will be what it wants when it wants. In the meantime I’m feeling so much better and that is all that really matters!
Keto on!!

(Susan) #34

Welcome to the forum @Maree12

Congrats on your progress thus far too!

(Kim Appleton) #35

Thanks very much Susan :blush:.

(Jacqueline Porter) #36

That’s really shocked me! How dare they insult you like that. Or anyone come to that!
Try and get these toxic people out of your life. You are gorgeous and don’t need them😚

(PSackmann) #37

Outstanding!! Your attitude is definitely an inspiration, thanks so much for sharing. And yeah, ignore the haters around you

(Mary ) #38

Way to go!

(Ellen) #39

You look amazing, anyone that says otherwise is just jealous.