Stockholm Restaurants?

(Siobhan) #1

Note: Not really sure which category to put this in

Me and bf are heading into the old city tomorrow (Stockholm) for the Christmas market. I was wondering if the fine folks here would have any suggestions for restaurants, cafes, or specific foods to try while there! Christmas sausage? A specific dish or place? European exclusive foods I might overlook?
Bring it on!

Edit: and I suppose I should mention I’d prefer it to be strict keto

(Richard Morris) #2

I was 4 yo when I lived in Stockholm so I’m afraid I can’t help.

I did visit in the summer when I was 18 and spent an awesome couple of weeks sailing around the skärgård. Stockholm was made for Summer :slight_smile:

(Siobhan) #3

Funnily enough I’ve been 3 times (2 weeks, 2 months, and now 1 month) and they’ve all been in the winter lol.

Although it feels warm compared to Indiana winters.

(carl) #4

This would be a GREAT category. I’d love to have a searchable database of great restaurants. That’s actually a good product by itself!

(Meeping up the Science!) #5

I will suffer greatly in my attempts to perform research in creating this database.

(Richard Morris) #6

I’m up for making that app :slight_smile: