Stevia tastes weird

(Hoteski) #1

Is it just me or does Stevia leave a funny taste in the mouth and a strange sensation. I personally think it’s horrible. I bought an Icelandic lower carb skyr yesterday. It clearly wasn’t Icelandic at all. one mouthful and the tub ended in the bin. I was very disappointed as I was having as a post workout meal as it’s so high in protein 14g in a pot. So I ended up not having anything at all after my weight training .

(Allie) #2

Lots of people comment on it yes.

(Keto Kid 4 Life) #3

I find it has an aftertaste. Not a big fan. Hopefully someone will recommend some alternatives.

(Laurie) #4

I’ve never noticed a weird taste, but a lot of people hate it. Some find it’s okay with strong flavors (e.g., chocolate or lemon, but not vanilla).

Also, if you mix two or more sweeteners, they have a synergy effect so you need less. So maybe try part stevia and part something else.

Inulin is slightly sweet, supposedly 1/10 the sweetness of sugar. I only use inulin for fiber, and it is somewhat sweet. Of course if you don’t want the fiber you won’t want to try inulin.

I’ve found that coconut oil adds quite a bit of sweetness (and coconut flavor), depending on what you use it in. I use it in coffee and cocoa, and I’ve used it for baking.

There are other alternatives, but I won’t say anything about them because I either don’t use them or haven’t tried them.


I despise “stevia”. The “stevia” sold these days is actually just a processed chemical based on the actual stevia compound found in plants. Its refined by the millions of litres every year in a process similar to vegetables oils. the fact it is marketed as naturally healthy and safe is a farce.

(Diane) #6

I find stevia to be bitter. I don’t notice it so much if I use very little to up the sweetness in baked goods where the main sweetener is erythritol.

(Shantanu) #7

I can’t stand stevia and never use it. It is everywhere however as a replacement. I have tried erythritol and I find that ok. These days I use Lakanto Monkfruit with Erythritol. To me it tastes pretty close to sugar. My previous use of table sugar used to be tea and coffee but after 1.5 years on keto, I find sweet tea/coffee terrible (yay!), so I use sweetner for one and only one thing: my daily dessert (recipe below).

Have you tried FAGE Total 5%? It has 18g of protein in one 200g (7 oz) container and is very satisfying. I have also read that the high fat content in strained yogurt negates/blunts the carbs but I’m unable to find anything sciency to support this. I am also curious about Peak Yogurt since it is 17% milkfat and lower in carbs compared to FAGE but has lower protein.

My goto dessert is 150g FAGE 5% + 1 tsp of erythrotol + 10g macadamia nuts (about 3-4) + 10g of pecans (6-8). This works out to 280 calories, 15g of protein, 22g of fat and around 6g of net carbs (per the Cronometer app). Its satisfying and takes care of my now very diminished desire for sweet. You can drop the amount of yogurt to 100g and knock off 1g of net carbs,but that also reduces the protein.


Agree. I like the stevia/erythitol blends like Swerve or Pyure (?).

(Diane) #9

Sukrin is my preferred erythritol / stevia blend. I think it tastes better. That said, I buy whichever is cheapest at the time. I also have used plain erythritol and added liquid sucralose to up the sweetness. I find that the liquid sucralose doesn’t have any aftertaste… to me.

(Cynthia Anderson) #10

I bought some dried leaves and a stevia plant. Once I receive and try it I’ll make a thread.

(Heather Meyer) #11

Stevia is a tricky one…

Ive learned that depending on the type of stevia can affect taste… what part of the plant it is derived from…whether its the concentrated powder or a liquid…whether its in alcohol to make a liquid stevia… whether its flavoured with other flavours added to it…

Ive also learned that stevia in its concentrated form if used improperly in a recipe…can register as being profoundly bitter instead of sweet… your brain and tastebuds can only register up to a certain degree of sweetness and then past that and the brain reads it as bitter.

Ive learned that stevia and chocolate often dont mix. Adding stevia to a chocolate based product can cause the product to have varying amounts of “licorice” tones depending on how much is used as whether its used alone or with another sweetner.

(Pete A) #12

Ill take a pink, yellow or blue over Stevia anyday. Good Earth brand for my palate is the only remotely passable I’ve had.

I suspect Stevia is overrated generally.

(Bunny) #13

Real natural organic stevia is bitter if you eat too much of it at once, here is a quick run down on it:

”… Other general side effects include bloating, nausea, dizziness, numbness and muscle pain. These are reported by WebMD but haven’t been observed in scientific study. …” …More


Stevia tastes weird disgusting

Fixed that for you.

(Tammy) #15

Have you tried Siggi’s plain triple cream. Taste is amazing.

Serving Size 8oz (227g)
Calories 320 Calories from fat 200
Total Fat 22g.
Total Carbohydrate 11g.
Dietary Fiber 1g.
Sugars 6g
Protein 19g

(Shantanu) #16

I haven’t but it is on my list now. Thanks.

(Brian) #17

There are quite a few name brands out there and not all have the same taste, at least not to me. (Taste is quite the individual thing.)

There are also quite a few blends out there these days, an example being a particular Pyure product that I buy that is a blend of erythritol and stevia. Erythritol isn’t as sweet as sugar but has the bulk of sugar (important in some recipes). Stevia is super sweet in tiny quantities and has almost no bulk at all. So a combination of the two of them seems to work well for some. Perfect? No. Exactly like sugar? No. But it works pretty well for me most of the time, especially for baking.

Other people swear by Swerve. Others by different monkfruit products. And I seem to remember there are a couple of new kids on the block who’s names I can’t remember.

Hope you can find a product that works for your individual tastes! Good luck!