Steak, mushroom sauce and spinach = delicious

(Danielle) #1

This is easily one of my favourite meals.

Disclaimer- I don’t actually do much of the cooking it is all @Erika. I just take the photos and post them on here.

Also, we dined al fersco tonight, as the weather is gorgeous in Melbourne tonight.

(Tom) #2

Looks delicious! Which sauce recipe do you use?

(Danielle) #3

I am pretty sure @erika doesn’t really use a recipe. She may be kind enough to post the ingredients for you.

(Erika) #4

Can’t really provide portions but I fried some diced shallot in butter, then add chopped mushrooms and thyme and brown them a little. Add some chicken broth and simmer until it is mostly evaporated. Then add some brandy and Worcestershire sauce and simmer again until it is mostly evaporated then add cream and simmer for a bit. Bit of salt an pepper and good to go!

(Tom) #5

Sounds awesome! Thanks!