Starving in the morning

(Dee Eichler) #1

Been on keto 6 weeks. Usually able to skip breakfast but some mornings I wake ravenous. Will that stop as time goes on ? or do I need to change something? I stop eating by 8pm

(Allie) #2

If you’re hungry then eat. You have to listen to your body. As you get adapted you’ll likely find hunger diminishes but in such early stages you have to give your body the fuel it is asking for.

(Dee Eichler) #3

When will I be totally fat or keto adapted. Alot of the cravings are gone but I still get hungry and energy level way down

(Allie) #4

It’s different for everyone, no real timeframe can be put on it, sounds like you’re well on your way there though - if you give your body what it’s asking for it’ll encourage the process.

(Karen) #5

Feel free to eat if you are hungry. Fat and protein.

(Ilana Rose) #6

Although it’s often described as a switch it doesn’t really work that way. We generally start to feel MUCH better on keto after 4-6 weeks but the adaptation proccess continues for many months. I think I noticed the frequency and intensity of my hunger pangs continued to decline for an entire year. Just keep going. It gets better every day.

(Stylee) #7

I’ve been eating keto for about 4 1/2 months. My strategy is to eat big early, and have a small lunch or just a snack and a lite early dinner. This works well for me protein and fat loading early in the day and eating ample veggies with lunch (if I eat lunch I often have a salad then or fermented veggies during winter months when salad greens are out of season and expensive) and some green veg at dinner time. This gives me solid energy throughout the day. I basically ate with this pattern before starting keto because I thought eating a lot at the end of the day would mean less efficient use of nutrition and more stored fat if I ate too much late in the day.

(Omar) #8

do you have any digestive track issue ?

(Dee Eichler) #9


(Take time to stop and eat the bacon!) #10

It’s different for everyone. There are hormonal and biochemical adjustments that various cells need to make, and they take time, alas. But you should be starting to feel some of the benefits soon.

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When it happens. Whenever that is.

(Omar) #12

If you have no digestive track issues like IBS and your energy level is reasonable ( not fatigued and continuously tired )

and if you can resist this hunger feeling

and if you are overweight then it is good for you.

but if this starving feeling is stressing you and effecting your daily performance then like others said here just eat when you feel hungry.

and since you do not have digestive track issues increase your fiber intake.

It is also possible that what is giving you this starvation feeling is your microbiom so fiber in such case will help.

sorry if my reply is fragmented


When I feel hungry in the morning, I can usually manage it with hydration and salt. I drink bone broth if I have any or just chicken broth from a bullion cube. It has taken me awhile to be able to interpret what my body is actually trying to tell me it needs, but am getting better at it.