Starve a fever...starve a cold?


(Heather Meyer) #1

So i am curious… i know people say when you have a fever due to flu…you should fast to speed healing… Can the same be said for cold viruses?

Basically… i have either tonsilitis or step throat…i find out which tommorow. I want to speed the healing process and dont want to tax my system more. However…the benefits of fasting are autophagy so would fasting be best to beat a cold virus? Or is it true what they say about needing to eat to help the body fight it off?

(Allie) #2

I think the saying is to starve a cold and feed a fever. When I feel a cold or anything coming on I start taking cayenne pepper capsules and do my best to carry on as normal. If I’m hungry I eat, if not I don’t.

(Ken) #3

Whenever I think a cold is coming on I start drinking broth with a couple of extra spoons of melted fat in it. Several time a day. Symptoms go away very quickly.

(Allie) #4

Interesting read.

(Janelle) #5

If it’s strep, you’ll probably see white dots in the back of your inflamed throat. They’ll put you on antibiotics too.

(Daisy) #6

I know it’s not keto approved, but it works. And the couple times you need to use it won’t hurt you. Take a spoonful of local raw honey a couple times a day. I and my family have had sore throats/strep a combined probably 7 times in the last 6 months and it cured it every time. Mine only ever takes me one spoonful to cure it. My husband and kids have had to go up to 6 spoonfuls before it was cured (3 a day for 2 days), but cured nonetheless. It really works!!

(Carl Keller) #7

I think this is the answer. The longer I do keto, the more I am understanding how my hormones are supposed to behave and the more I trust them to tell me what I should do.

(Bacon is the new bacon) #8

The old saying used to be “Feed a cold, and starve a fever.” It’s not actually a prescription, just an observation. I get hungrier when fighting a cold, but my appetite drops markedly when I get feverish.

If you are in need of actual advice, I would agree that the advice to eat when hungry and not eat when not hungry is probably the best.

The rules are different on keto, anyway. I don’t eat an apple a day anymore, and don’t even need to, because it’s keto that is now keeping the doctor away, lol!

(Heather Meyer) #9

So that totally makes sense… today i was starving but the past two days i hadnt been and i was wondering if, as your body begins to heal, wants more food to help it heal?

(Bacon is the new bacon) #10

Makes sense to me—although that isn’t always a good guide, lol! :grin:

(Bob M) #11

I had a cold and ate a lot, a ton actually.

My wife recommends gargling with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water and putting hydrogen peroxide in your ears, both as soon as you notice any symptoms. Alas, I did not follow her advice until too late.


It is quite the conundrum for the ketonian: to eat honey. But a person who understands ketosis and healed their self to a point that a few doses of honey can be taken, has a proper grasp of what they are doing.