Starting Zero Carb Trial

(Edith) #21

So where does one buy bone marrow? I’m guessing bones with marrow in them, such as beef soup bones? Also, they would need to be split by the butcher. Is that also correct?

(Edith) #22

I’m like that with dairy. I’ve heard ghee is okay because the milk solids have been removed, but I don’t want to take the chance.


I made ribs the other day and was in a hurry so instead of thawing I cooked them in the instant pot before transferring to the oven.
As it turns out, the instant pot made the meat fall off the bones and as an added bonus the bones were easy to split open and get to the marrow.
I prefer my ribs with a little more “tooth” so I won’t cook them like this again unless in a rush but am saving bones for the instant pot now so that I can cook them in that for marrow.

(Robert C) #24

Sorry I cannot help with bone marrow questions. I did a few stints of Carnivore just for weight loss - a “meat fast” - just fatty muscle meat (steaks, roasts and bacon).

I am interested in what my next blood tests will show with some Carnivore mixed in but found I could not sustain it. I could eat a pound of 80/20 ground beef and be hungry 3 hours later - it just wasn’t satiating enough. I still mix it in - usually deciding between a few days of fasting or a few days of Carnivore - both have their downsides in terms of hunger. Fasting, usually just the first day, Carnivore to a lesser extent but throughout. Fasting drops weight faster but, not by much.

(Chris - #25

I get them from the supermarket all the time. They’re labeled “marrow bones” here. The store won’t canoe cut them for me so I usually just dig it out with a butter knife. However, when my local butcher gets bones he will bandsaw them in half for me, saves me a good 5 minutes of annoyance. :slight_smile:

(Ilana Rose) #26

I’m the same. I don’t like instant pot ribs at all. But the idea for the bones is great. I’ll try that!!!

(Ilana Rose) #27

Carnivore takes a bit of experimenting. For me a too high protein amount leaves me hungry (really it’s craving) in a few hours and so does getting my fat in any rendered manner. Solid fat bound in its cellular matrix, as a high percentage of my food, is what leaves me feeling the best.

(Robert C) #28

Something like a Ribeye? Or pork roast? Is that what you are getting at when you write solid fat?

For me, the (reproducible) high-fat ground beef issue is somewhat off-putting. Getting a whole pound of ground beef down is difficult and filling but then, to have hunger too soon, downer.

I wonder if the hunger is triggered by a nutrient craving - I haven’t had the same issue on regular Keto.

I do agree that this (along with constipation) might just be induction issues - I may have to push to go longer at some point.

(Ilana Rose) #29

Even ribeye or pork roast must be extra fatty. Ribeye with an extra thick fat cap or, better yet, I save money by just cooking some extra fat on the side. For pork I go for very fatty cuts. A bone in rib roast, the shoulder with the entire fat cap, the side ribs. I also have my butcher save me a lot of extra pork fat cap and I fry that up daily.

A major difference has come from very low temperature cooking via the sous vide. When I cook meat this way NONE of the fat renders out. Then I just finish it with a sear. It’s been a massive improvement to my meat cooking and completely changed my satiety from fat.

(hottie turned hag) #30

OMG me too :open_mouth:

Ok so yet another unlooked for symptom resolution I’ve had since going keto and more recently, eliminating veg and cheese.

When I had heavy carb intake my nose always ran postprandially; never made the connection. This has subsided greatly. I did notice but didn’t connect the two. Wow just wow. I have no allergies, never and I mean, never as in decades between, contract communicable illnesses even mild colds and always thought this was odd as it didn’t appear to be an allergic reaction. (I have med sci background).

I definitely feel even more amazing on meat/eggs/butter only. I did it to lose the last few pounds only (trying to get from 122 to 110, am now 116) and am surprised by the other totally unexpected benefits.

(Robert C) #31

I sous vide Ribeye all the time - almost impossible to mess up - hadn’t thought about the non-rendering aspect (thanks for that). I use ButcherBox so can’t exactly bother my butcher. They have great ground pork - maybe that in a sous vide will work.

(Edith) #32

So… I’m on day four of eating meat, eggs, and some seasoning. It is not agreeing with my digestive tract. Let’s just say, things are loose is an understatement. Is this something that will subside after a few weeks?

(Robert C) #33

Sous Vide ground pork worked out great.

Usually I just cook it on the stove in a pot and add a little cream cheese or sour cream to thicken and make more of a cream sauce - so I don’t feel like I am simply drinking clear rendered fat - it is still a bit difficult.

But - after a quick sear after 3 hours of Sous Vide (from frozen) - the fat hadn’t rendered much and so the pork burger wasn’t dry and the fat drinking was avoided.

Thanks for mentioning that!

(Complete legend) #34

According to most of the reading I’ve done, yes.

(Ilana Rose) #35

I haven’t tried it yet with ground meat. I’m currently eating nothing but meat and salt for the next month at least, so cream cheese and cream are out for the time being, but I’ll try it anyhow the next time I have some fatty ground meat. I’d love to stop rendering its fat.

(Edith) #36

Well, I’m liking carnivore. It’s only been five days, but when I no longer have children living at home, I could see myself following this WOE just because of the ease. Grocery shopping would be a breeze, no recipes to follow, no veggies to chop. I could get used to this just for the time saving alone.

(Norma Laming) #37

Hello Virginia: I’ve been not eating plants for just over the last week. For me, the final frontier is coffee with cream. I’ve promised myself that I’ll give those up for the month of June. It will be hard. I’ve been working up to this for over a year! Atm I’m beginning to suspect that vegetables are a bit addictive because I feel different from how I felt when I ate them.

What I am a bit worried about is Vitamin C. I’m very well aware that our bodies change the way they use Vitamin C when on low carb and I also know that fresh meat has some Vitamin C. But my meat is not kill-fresh and some ribeye I’m getting on special offer is 21 day aged, because that’s what seems to be what people want.

I have found that I now have a distaste for bacon, which surprises me. I also like my meat without seasoning, even salt.

I think for me it is important to eat bone broth and the gristle and muscle and to chew the ends of bones, to get enough glycine. I do eat liver and kidney, too. I’m curious about the methionine/ glycine levels, having heard Paul Saladino. I can’t afford to get blood testing, which seems to be a sort of hobby for some people. It would be for me, if I had the resources.

One thing I have noticed is that my modest appetite is now smaller than before, which I’m happy with. I like feeling satisfied without feeling any food in my stomach. Cutting out butter and cream is going to be hard. Coffee I think might be ok because I think I’m losing my taste for it.

(Robert C) #38

Not sure it is a WOE (more like an elimination diet - all of which make things easy) but, I know what you mean.

I get spoiled the same way fasting. Zero cooking, zero cleanup, zero shopping etc. for a while.

The first time back in the kitchen seems like a real chore.

(Complete legend) #39

It’s a WOE in the same way as keto is, surely.

(Robert C) #40

Well, I’m not so sure about that.

Keto is a WOE because it is not a diet that tells you what to eat and not eat (you can eat anything on Keto providing you stay in nutritional ketosis). Instead, it is focused on manipulating your hormones positively.

Carnivore tells you what you can and cannot eat so, in my book, a diet.
Ribeye - Yes
Kimchi - No
Liver - Yes
Turmeric tea - No

Same with an egg fast - it is not a WOE just like Keto, even if it is a subset of Keto.