Starting free-weights

(Denise) #42

I maybe missed this one Allie, and especially the inverted part. I’ll look them up!! ty much as always!!

(Denise) #43

Like these right @ctviggen:

(Denise) #44

Some days I feel lethargic, but mine I’m sure is “not” eating enough compared to my TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure). Then I go out and buy some liver or big steak :grin:

(Bob M) #45

That’s it. They work well.

(Allie) #46

Yes that’s it, really focussing on the squeeze in your back as you pull.

(Denise) #47

good to know about for future but I will stick with the easier ones for me now :wink: Just getting the form on the rowing machine will be easiest for me to work on (the cable pull rowing) and I am good with the free-weights using benches. Thanks for the ideas for future reference :wink: