Starting free-weights

(Denise) #22

I’m 69 and never stuck with a workout program. I was athletic in grade-school but no ambition so just turned into party-girl not thinking anything about exercise. So lots of years of not doing exercise period. Only started walking at about age 40 and that was totally sporadic/on occasion.

We do what we can and my goal is to be stronger without injuring myself. I’m not competitive and I just want to avoid some of the pains as I grow older. I’m single/divorced so I admit I still would like to look as good as I can in case I meet a fella, but that’s not the priority. I just want to feel as good as I can. The exercise really helps my mental and emotional health as well.

Thanks to Keto, and I always feel grateful I got T2 diabetes because that got my attention, and how I found Keto, I got my weight down 23-24 lbs which I’m now about my normal weight for size.

(Denise) #23

Yes, the guy that was showing me how to use the Smith Machine talked about the use of abs when doing a lot of different exercises @ctviggen. He said something I’m not sure I fully understand but I think it’s what you are talking about as well. He said something about “breathing, and your stomach” I can’t remember now, have to ask him to show me again. I think it’s a sort of flexing, or holding in with stomach muscles?? Like isometric??

(Bob M) #24

It’s more of a tightening. Can you contract your abs while you’re sitting or standing? If so, that’s what it’s like.

I forget exactly what a Smith Machine is, but if you’re doing something like pulldowns (you’re sitting but have your legs under cushions, and have your hands on a bar you’ll pull down to your lower neck level), then you would also contract the abs so it would be like an actual contraction (as you move your body downward). But most times, you’re just making your abs tighter (body does not move).

(Denise) #25

Yes, I can do that, just been doing it for practice while I’m typing :wink: The Smith Machine is the one that your bar-bell is held in place with locks until you are ready to hold it, and squat. I don’t know what else the machine does, maybe more. Also, it has safety locks lower down in case you squat and can’t get out from under. I’ll show you pic: forgot to mention it helps us to keep our correct form as the bell is in the vertical slots

(Allie) #26

I’m using a rowing machine rather than doing just sets of rows with a pulley but movement is the same. Really I just tend to lean back and focus on squeezing the back muscles as I pull back slow and steady, remembering to keep the core active with muscles tensed and pulled in.

(Denise) #27

sounds good Allie, I think they have a regular rowing machine down there, not sure, and I do have one here at home. I’ll check out the one I think I saw someone using at the gym. I don’t mind the sets as much as I do getting on something for 30 min. I get too bored but maybe I should try atleast :wink: I love kayaking which is not the same of course but I no longer have my kayak, and it’s hard for me to get out somewhere all alone. This town is so small, I just haven’t met people, even looked into meetup as far South as Eureka, and then up in Brooking OR, but not a soul/group on there at all.

(Allie) #28

I tend to just do ten mins a couple of times a week now, as a warm up ahead of lifting, but when I was going for longer (sometimes up to an hour), I would just listen to a podcast or watch something on my iPad to give me a focus other than boredom - it makes a big difference.

Every so often I set myself a monthly challenge and it was on one of those that I realised the difference the rower makes. I’ve had it for many, many years after buying it second hand for a whole £5, but had never used it as I always found it too hard. Then that month I decided to embrace the difficulty and face the fear so set myself the challenge of rowing every day, even if only for five mins, and I did it. Never looked back, best single exercise I’ve ever added to my routine.

(Denise) #29

I love your story Allie!! I did do some rowing at the gym but it was just the cable-machine one. 3 sets of 12 reps. But my friend that coaches me was there, and between the video I was trying to follow, and him, I got the right form goin on but I need practice for sure. After basically one more set, doing it the way he helped me learn, I was feeling the muscles in my upper back, also learning to tighten my abs! Maybe I’ll get hooked on my home-rowing machine, and it is such a good way to warm up!

I also met a lady that has been there a lot but we didn’t get to know eachother until today. She does walking and hiking but was glad I asked her if she ever wanted to go with me and she said yes. We exchanged phone numbers! She is somewhere around my age, a bit younger my guess, and she had been a personal trainer. I think she is interesting, and good conversationalist! She does have a fella but he doesn’t go with her much. She’s like me in that she hasn’t any children and seemed to really be interested in someone to go with her.

We’ve got tons of trails in the Redwoods, the beach, and of course the gym so I am hopeful to finally have someone to go with once in awhile. I just won’t go to far alone in hiking :wink:

(Robin) #30

Rowing is my one and only “exercise”. It’s everything I need. And I can get in free floating mind space and go with the flow, or listen to music, or watch a show. My goal is stay strong as I age and to keep my joints flexible.

(Denise) #31

I say do what works for us, and something we really enjoy doing :wink:

(Robin) #32

Yep. Rock on!

(Allie) #33

That really is the key.

(Denise) #34

The more I go down there, the more I can hardly wait to go again :wink: and I am trying new things most days I am down there. I can really tell those muscles in my upper back got worked, maybe for the first time, yesterday!

(Allie) #35

One exercise I’ve really started to love for back work is the inverted row, it’s bodyweight only and I do it using my barbell in my squat rack. That could be a really good one for you to work on.


I tried the linked single arm row exercise, it’s way harder than what I did this far… The movements are similar but I am normally in a more standing position… I will research… And feel weak as a kitten. I want back the glories time when I quickly improved, it wasn’t in the beginning, way later for some reason. Now I don’t improve at all but I can blame some sickness and holiday for that now, breaks always come into the way… I should become more serious! This thread helps a bit :slight_smile:

(Denise) #37

How’s your keto Macros @shanita? I know sometimes if I feel week, I’m not getting enough for the activities I do (2 miles walks, now the gym usually an hour depending on how hard I work out. Sometimes 1/2 hours is plenty. I eat when I’m hungry, but I am strict about my keto, but I also deal with T2 diabetes, and no meds. So my numbers are totally dependent on foods/nutrition/bottom line is a ketogenic diet.


Turns out I was doing these slightly wrong too and man… I can feel the difference in my upper back and shoulders today xD

(Bob M) #39

Is that where you get under the bar, with your feet (heels) on the ground, face toward the bar, and then lift your body up to the bar?

I do those on both a dip bar and TRX cables. I also put my heels on a chair for one set and on a stool (closer to the ground) for one set, and on the ground for one set. Trying to build up to lifting my entire body weight, but I’m way away from that.


My macros are varied but I typically eat a bit too much for my goals. So, in my maintenance range. It doesn’t seem to matter. I know a few things that affects my energy negatively (no exercise, no sunshine, bad sleep) but nothing seem to make it good. It seems random, sometimes I have more energy but I have no idea why. And it’s not really much, just not so low. I think I am healthy but energy, that’s not good.

(Denise) #41

Woohoo! Wtg girl!