Starting an extended fasting regimen

(Bob M) #21

Not sure I like those terms. :wink:

(Jane Srygley) #22

I actually disagree with this. I think people are physically hungry a lot of the time because most of us don’t get enough protein, which is truly satiating. I can eat a LOT of a very high fat food and still feel like I want to eat more, but it takes much less moderate fat protein (like ribeye) to make me feel perfectly satisfied.

(back and doublin' down) #23

I take potassium and magnesium (via ‘Calm’) daily, and when fasting have a container of salt that I pinch from when the feeling strikes. This time around I’m continuing my supplements - Bcomplex for stress, Turmeric, and D3/K2. Coffee in the mornings, herbal teas and water the rest of the day. On occasion, I’ve used a cup of bone broth to keep going, but this time haven’t felt the need.

When I finish this 5 day fast, my plan is to go back to TMAD, mostly carnivore for the month of March. I’m also headed into a heavy season of hiking and backpacking, so March will be about ramping up the walking and hiking. I may even add the dreaded exercise because I’m finally seeing a shape that I want to tone.

I set out on this Clark Protocol with hopes that it would get me soundly in the 190s, and then let natural take it’s course again through the warmer months similar to what I did last year. That’s not the result I’m getting. I MIGHT be at 199 by Friday (was at 201.7 this morning), but even if I hit 199, it’ll be gone when I refeed.

(Katie) #24

There are a couple of zero carb facebook pages out there that I was following that said that not losing weight for a while was perfectly normal. Their belief is that there is internal regulating that has to take place and heal first before weightloss can begin. Some even gained a bunch before they started losing, but a year or more later finally got to where they wanted to be. I think I just got impatient lol. Now I’m kinda thinking, lose the weight first, then continue with zero carb/carnivore to find my balance.

(Katie) #25

Wow! So you’re at the tail end of the Clark protocol! Way to go! And even if you didn’t get quite where you wanted to be weight wise, just having the fortitude to stick with it for the duration should be something you can be really proud of! The warmer months are coming and getting outdoors should be easier and easier to do now! Keep up the great work!

(Paulene ) #26

I totally get this! Especially when you finally find something that works - you just want it to work faster! I’ve been putting up with keto rash for almost 10 weeks - I know the solution is to increase carbs enough get you out of ketosis for a while, but I’m having difficulty (psychologically) letting go of being in ketosis. It’s like I’ve finally experienced success, after years of trying to find it, and now I have to give it up! - wtf?! It’s like taking candy form a toddler. Not. Happy. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
I know it’s just short term but man it’s a pain in the butt.
On the positive (?) side, I was reacquainted with my old friend, the almond croissant, this morning. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Once the rash has cleared up, I have to ease back into keto again, so I think E is out of the picture for me for a while. :unamused:

(Paulene ) #27

I cannot wait until I am fit enough to do this!

(Bob M) #28

I was like that with high fat, then started to eat lower fat, higher protein and experienced a benefit. Then I started eating a high stearic acid and saturated fat diet, and got more of a benefit. For instance, I ate my first and only meal around noon today. It’s 6pm and I physically cannot eat. I’m still full from my meal about 6 hours ago.

So, when you say “high fat”, you really have to say what this means. If it means dark meat chicken with skin, bacon, almonds or other nuts, avocados, etc., all relatively high in PUFAs, you might be correct.

(Jane Srygley) #29

OMG I would love that!!! I am still so used to eating a lot of small meals per day that it’s difficult to eat a lot in one sitting. So far today I had a couple of very small meals before coming to work at noon. It’s about 2:30pm and I just had about 3 oz of leftover steak and 4 chicken drumsticks. I was surprised that I could eat that much.

I am really trying to avoid the PUFA’s as well after I read something you posted and then listened to Nina Techoltz on this topic. I was using macadamia “milk” to take my pills and use in my whey shakes but am switching over to coconut “milk”–the 50-calorie-per-cup, watered down version. It has 1g fat per cup, all saturated.

(Bob M) #30

When I first started low carb/keto 6+ years ago, I thought I had to eat many meals per day, so I did for about 1.5 years. I’d eat something before a workout, and immediately after too.

Then I watched all of Dr. Fung’s videos, and decided to start fasting. I started skipping only breakfast a few times per week; then I’d have a bullet proof coffee but skip lunch a few times per week; then skipped lunch and dinner a few times per week. Then I started longer fasts, usually 3.5 days or 4.5 days (made it to 5.5 once, but was getting dizzy when I stood, so I stopped).

Yesterday, because (I’m convinced) of high saturated fat, I ate at noon then did not eat again until after my workout this morning. I ate much earlier than normal, 9:30 am. But it’s 5pm again, and I’m finally getting a tiny bit hungry. So I should be hungry for dinner with the family about 7:30pm.

When I started eating two meals I say, I was shocked (often still am) at how much I’m eating in one meal. I’ll completely fill a large bowl with meat or meat and eggs or fish or whatever, and I’m sure my office mates think I’m a glutton. But when you eat 2 or sometimes 1 meal a day, it’s a lot of food.

But it’s taken me years to get this way. It’s a definite change in mindset.

And the saturated fat thing is recent, too. I’ve been thinking about it for a while: PUFAs can lead to overeating. Some believe you can’t overeat on sugar or get fat without PUFAs. I’m not sure I’d go that far, but my own experimentation has indicated there’s a benefit to limiting PUFAs.

Having said that, I still eat chicken, bacon, nuts – sometimes. I just try to limit my intake. But this weekend, we’ll fry foods (my kids love fried mozzarella) and if I’m making fried cheese, chicken just goes along with frying. There’s not a lot of fried beef recipes.

Anyway, I hope it helps, the reduction of PUFAs. Let me know.

(Jane Srygley) #31

Well that is some big time BULL SHIT right there LOL

I have gained lots and lots of weight bingeing on whipped HWC with stevia. And something tells me ice cream would still be fattening without PUFA’s FFS. That is just a whole lotta stupid!

(Edyth Ekmark) #34

It was an interesting history. I am happy that you are doing what you want and what makes you feel happy. I also started to fast, it was very difficult in the beginning, but I worked a lot on myself. I managed to reach the desired weight and now I eat normally not like I’ve never seen food before. By the way, I noticed that since I started fasting my face was getting dryer and only this cream helped me to moisturize it. Have you noticed something like that?