Starting 7/10 day water fast today 21/3/2023


(BigDog) #1

Starting a 7/10 day water fast today. Who wants to join me.


I just finished a 7 day fast a couple of weeks ago. Good luck to you.

FWIW, don’t be afraid to add in a little bone broth. It makes it more likely you will make it to the end rather than ending it early.

Also, FWIW, if you don’t already have a habit of mindfulness meditation, adding in a regular body-scan meditation during the fast is a huge help.

Also, FWIW, it goes way easier if you are already keto-adapted before you start.

(Robin) #3

I’d say all of your FWIWs or very worthy!

(Dewi) #4

Hello, I wish I had joined earlier. . just thinking of starting a 7 day water fast, hoping it’ll help jump start the ketosis, then plan to continue with eating keto after the fast