Started MCT oil in my bulletproof coffee at work

(John) #1

Also FYI MCT will eat straight through Styrofoam.


I’ve been reading the MCT Oil containers and there are warnings about storing it in anything other than the original container.

Does the Styrofoam warning come from personal experience using one of those at work and ending up with a big mess? :wink:

(John) #3

Twice. I put it in like I usually do coconut oil and mixed it up with my frother, rinsed than of and turned around and I could see drips coming through in several spots near the top. I said wow this cup must be weak or something and picked it up at the top to set it in the sink and the top half of the cup just came off, then the rest split down the middle.
It was too early to put this together in my brain so I made another one with a new cup and not surprisingly made another mess.


…and we put this in our stomaches. :wink:

Your story reminds me of Breaking Bad actually.

(Jo Lo) #5

MCT oil is pretty serious.

The Quest dry MCT powder is a lot easier to use, and easier on the tummy. Makes creamy coffee, especially when whipped in a blender. There have been questions about ingredients knocking people out of keto…

(Kerri Hines) #6

Can I blame styrofoam instead of MCT? I feel like styrofoam should be playing the villain role here… :wink:

(John) #7

Yeah they are fat soluble I believe. Coconut oil seems to weaken it, but MCT just destroys it.


I’ve also noticed a reaction with aluminum (?) ring around my Mason jar lid. If I get any on it, it forms a black liquid which I assume is some type of oxidation of the metal. Nasty.