Starbucks Australia

(Sarah Barnbrook) #1

Anyone in Australia order a keto friendly coffee like the ones we see posted by those in the US? I have been a bit chicken to ask for heavy cream (for fear of a shocked look on the face). So I’ve just been going without. I’d love to have a dreamy coffee or special keto friendly drink.

I’d love your tips as I’m heading to Melbourne tomorrow! Ready set go!

(Richard Morris) #2

I think there are only 7 Starbuckses left. Is there one in Melbourne?

They failed to take off because when they got here there was already an espresso culture in Australia thanks to post war italian immigration, and even McDonalds does a decent espresso in Australia.

(Danielle) #3

I think there are 1 or 2 in the city of Melbourne. We definitely don’t really have many stores in Australia. You can find excellent coffee everywhere in Melb. Although yet to find anyone that uses pure cream instead of milk.


You guys in Australia are lucky. This is what the post war immigrated Italians donated to Americans

By the way…no, this is not real italian cuisine…sigh :disappointed:

(Thao Le) #5

I think the menu is the same worldwide? I ordered Americano with steamed heavy cream at Starbucks in Vietnam, they didn’t look at me weird ;).

(Sarah Barnbrook) #6

There are like three in Melbourne lol

(Larry Lustig) #7

There are, like, six Starbucks per block in New York and I don’t think it’s because we were lacking in either Italians or espresso before they arrived.


I agree. The outcome is based on the receiver, not the giver. The giver in both cases was the same.

(Danielle) #9

@Sarah_Barnbrook I hope if you made it to Melbourne that you have stayed safe and away from the drama on Bourke St

(Sarah Barnbrook) #10

I did make it to Melbourne and watched the start of the incident outside of Flinders St when he was doing burn outs and yelling at us all. :frowning: I knew something awful was going to happen, watching his complete lack of regard for his own safety, I knew he wouldn’t care about anyone else’s. :frowning:

(Richard Morris) #11

wow that’s horrible @Sarah_Barnbrook


what a pity, how sad

(Danielle) #13

I can’t believe you witnessed part of it. We are heading into town today to watch the tennis. It’s scary when something like this happens.

(Dustin Cade) #14

McDonald’s here in the US got a lot of business from me, though they kept raising the price of coffee, and I went keto and make my BBC at home… but McDonald’s black coffee is delicious, I’d be interested in trying McDonald’s esspeso…

(LongHaulKeto) #15

@Fiorella oh my gosh…as bad as that stuff was, my husband loved it. He just turned 72 and still talks about ‘the world went bad when they stopped making that spaghetti’! I honestly don’t know how he ate that stuff…COLD STAIGHT FROM THE CAN!


@ginnyshelby, Haha that’s funny. I cannot imagine consuming that stuff either.