Stand Mixer that can handle fathead dough?

(CJ Shrader) #1

Hey all,

I’m looking to buy a Stand Mixer soon but I’ve never owned one before and don’t know much about them.

I don’t bake a lot (As in I don’t make large quantities of things, I’m regularly cutting recipes in half) so I don’t need one of the big capacity ones, but I do make fathead dough and equivalents and I imagine that takes a little bit of power.

Does anyone have a specific model that they’ve used with fathead dough that they like? I’d be perfectly happy with one of the smaller kitchenaids but I’m just a little concerned about power.

(Mike W.) #2

We make it once a week and my wife justs stirs it by hand and then kneads it in the bowl. Stand mixers are great though. Shredding chicken is super easy, making creme brûlée, plus the spiralizer attachment for our Kitchen Aid gets used all the time. I’d like to get the sausage grinder attachment. Have never had an issue with not enough power.

(CJ Shrader) #3

Shredding chicken would be a huge plus, I absolutely hate shredding things by hand.

(Mike W.) #4

Sous vide, into the mixing bowl, done. Super easy.

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #5

I’d bet that even most hand mixers would have the strength to deal with Fathead dough. I have no problem mixing mine by hand, however.


My food processor works just fine for fathead dough making. All so the almond crackers I make each week now. Both can be done by hand as well.

Stand mixers are expensive and take up lots of space, So I do my cooking with food processor and an immersion blender for caulflower mash, mayo and other salad dressings.

(CJ Shrader) #7

I appreciate comments like these, and I’ve made it by hand in the past too. But I have the space/budget to pick one up and would really like to get one, so basically I was thinking “what’s the worst I’ll throw at it” and fathead dough is that upper limit. That’s why I’m just looking for recommendations on specific stand mixers people have had success with.

(Mike W.) #8

Kitchenaid will do just fine. Great time of year to pick one up to. I also like that they’re not a “throw away” and are serviceable.

(Janelle) #9

The king/queen of stand mixers is KiichenAid and I have one for whipping cream and such (used to make all sorts of now forbidden bread). Keto doughs, in my experience, are kinda wimpy since they lack gluten. I wouldn’t want to even dirty my stand mixer. I sometimes use my blender, food processor or manual hand mixer though.

(Frank) #10

Kitchen aid hands down. Period. End of story. You get it.


Another vote for the kitchenaid here as well. I have a tiny kitchen and don’t use mine terribly often, but when I use it I’m glad as heck to have it.

(Running from stupidity) #12

It’s slightly cheaper to buy a Kitcheaid down here than, say, pure gold. On a gram for gram basis.

(Ana Barbara Alzua) #13

The mini artisan Kitchen aid is a godsend!

(Jennibc) #14

Love my KitchenAid with the dough hook for this! Just made some today using it.

(Sophie) #15

Sounds nice…care to share?


If fathead pizza dough gets too stiff, then a few secs in the microwave will soften it up. I would say no need for a big mixer unless you have dexterity issues.

(Misty Torrey) #17

I have the kitchen aid artisan. It is the smallest stand mixer they make. I have had it 10 or more years and it is a work horse. I have never not been able to stir the thickest doughs filling the bowl to the brim. I shred all kinds of meat with it. Yesterday I had to make 4 trays of lasagna for a family party. I cooked 6 lbs of frozen logs of ground meat in my instant pot, they came out like fully cooked meat loaves. I then tossed it all in my kitchen aid and whooshed it up to a fine loose meat.

My one complaint is that my model has a small well at the base of the bowl. When mixing large batches of cookie dough or cake batter, there can be sometimes, dry ingredients in the well. I just double check and do a quick hand stir before dumping out.

(Brian) #18

I just make my fathead dough by hand. I do lust after a Kitchenaid every so often but get along just fine without one. :slight_smile:

(KCKO, KCFO) #19

This will get you started, you can add things if you like. I like sesame seeds in the crackers, they never stay put on top, so I mix them in with the almond flour. Poppy seeds would be nice as well and if you like flaxseed, not my fav, but some love them you can add those. I started with 1 T of sesame seeds and have worked my way up to 2 T because they make the crackers so much more tasty.