Stalling after cheat meal

(Geoffrey) #1

So I have been on Keto for almost 20 days and first two weeks I lost 14 lbs and was doing great, the had too many carbs in one meal. I have now stalled for 4 days, I did an intermittent fast and have been eating well since, what is happening and when am I going to return to fat burn mode? Thanks for any help.

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #2

Could be lots of things, first off, not knowing anything about you it is hard to say. Several of those first pounds lost were water. A reasonable expectation is only a half to one pound a week of permanent fat loss on keto. Stalls are common around week 6 but you are only a few weeks in. I doubt your stall was “caused” by a cheat meal. Water weight is normally gained back for a few days after a cheat meal, but that is all.

(Danielle) #3

My advice is keep calm and keto on. 4 days isn’t really a stall and like @Brenda said it probably isn’t due to your “cheat” meal. The best thing you can do is keeping eating keto. Things should sort themselves out.

(Geoffrey) #4

I love the diet and wont be giving it up, I feel great on it. I was just concerned because I have about 50+ lbs to lose and want to make sure I am not missing something. I know it’ll take a while, just wanted to check if the meal derailed me. Thank you guys for the encouragement

(Sarah Barnbrook) #5

My advice is ditch the scales and just keto on. They can really interfere with your emotional fortitude. Who knows what your body has planned! It’s still early days yet, so I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the ups and downs. Focus on getting in tune with your body, listening to when you are hungry, thirsty, when you need more fat.

(carl) #6

When this happens to me, I lean into high fat until I feel full skipping a meal, and then I do IF. It also helps to go for a 2 hour bike ride or walk to burn down your glycogen.


Everyone comes into this with differing levels of wellness/illness, such as insulin resistance, leaky gut, autoimmune disorders, etc. or maybe none at all.

This means that at times your body might appear to resist the change while it’s internally reorganizing itself for fat-adaptation, or with reduced levels of oxidative stress from eliminating “bad” carbs, it could even begin healing itself and you might even see an increase in weight while losing inches/centimeters and clothes are just getting looser.

You’ll probably still want to weigh yourself since many of us are obsessed with what appears to be the best indicator of losing bodyfat, but try not to let it define the success or failure of keto because bodyweight fluctuates a lot more than most people realize. I just consider weight to be just another data point in my database of information to be monitored over time.

If I had a DEXA scanner in my house, that would be a different story! :smiley:

(Jacquie) #8

I think this may be true, especially for women, imo. What I found worked for me was to weigh and take measurements once a month, using a military calculator (neck, waist, hips, more areas if you want). I had always been someone who weighed daily. Moving to monthly or longer (I’m at goal) was very freeing for me.:slight_smile:

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #9



It is so so normal to have stalls, especially a few weeks in. I know it is frustrating but you just need to keep on going and ride it out. You simply cannot gauge your ongoing weight loss on that initial couple of weeks. When you are another couple of weeks in, work out your weekly average and I guarantee it will be none too shabby.