Stall - what worked for you?

(Karen) #1
  • Male stalled
  • Female stalled
  • Lbs lost 10-20
  • Lbs lost 20-30
  • Lbs lost 30-40
  • Lbs lost 40-50
  • Lbs lost 60-70
  • Lbs lost 70+
  • What worked? IF
  • EF
  • OMAD
  • ADF
  • Higher protein
  • Higher fat

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(James H Shaffer) #2

with me I can’t say one thing helped, weighed in at 282 back in early june, then stalled for a while and kept trying various things but no dice. then hurt my Achilles and had to rest it a couple weeks ago so in the time I was down I started listening to podcasts from various “Keto” professionals and over the week I drew from several of them and came to the conclusion by almost osmosis(lol) I was eating too much and didn’t realize it. so did nothing but protein one day, then the next I ate a fraction of what I would normally, then the next day I dry fasted to see what I would end up at, on the protein day I weighed 302 up 20 lbs from the low in June, after the dry fast day I hit 290. this confirmed my suspicion that I was consuming too much carbs. cut my intake of everything by 1/3, ate little to no nuts, and cut the dairy a bit. also cut back on sweet thing like jello and drinks. drank more water. it worked, down to 280 now. so went from 302 9 days ago, to 290 7 days ago and now to 280. if I drop a couple more this week then I will deem my stall broken…cross fingers :slight_smile: