Soy protein in meat?


So reading the label of some meat I bought at the local butcher shop and it lists the ingredients as follows: buffalo, salt, spice, water, honey, soya (not sure if that should read soy) nitrate, natural smoke, garlic

My question is with the soya, is that a filler, high carb??


(Todd Allen) #2

soya nitrate probably means a nitrate sourced from soy. Nitrate (usually sodium nitrate) is a preservative added to red meat that helps keep it red. The previous ingredient honey is going to be a bigger issue with respect to carbs though it depends on the quantity used. I think nitrates have been shown to be carcinogenic when fed to rats in very high dose and some avoid them as potentially harmful.


A typo perhaps? Soy instead of sodium??


That is not just plain meat — it’s got either a rub or a marinade on it.

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soya is just another word for soy

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Might want a pure source of meat
Soy … not as heart healthy as once thought. U.S. moves to revoke claim that soy protein protects the heart

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Not sure where to put this but here might do. They are determined to keep us sick

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Soy meat alternatives are a healthy, high-quality protein source that contains all essential amino acids needed for growth. Soyfoods are a good source of essential fatty acids and contain no cholesterol and little or no saturated fat.