South of the border


One of my friends went on a tirade about how south of the border is a sea of violence, corruption and stupidity run by lawless criminals. He lives in Calgary.

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I live in the USA and I don’t disagree with your friends. I wouldn’t live in any of the towns and cities in this country anymore, I don’t even go to town shopping unless I just have to. It is all because of government corruption.

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Also, the level of general craziness has risen noticeably over the fifty years since the introduction of the dietary guidelines. After listening to a couple of interviews with Dr. Chris Palmer, I am seriously beginning to think that this is not a coincidence.


I love the serious responses to what I had posted in the “humour” section.

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Sorry I take my country seriously.


So a hot air balloon or something?

Gov’t can be corrupt all they want, I’m living my life. They come and go.

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I don’t live in cities or town because of the crime and the fact that I am claustrophobic. I also served my country and saw the corruption and I am old enough to know just show much of our freedom has been taken away from us by the corrupt government. I do care and know the problem with the country is the fact that too few people actually do care.


Many people care, but I’m not going into hermit mode because the gov’t sucks at it’s job. But if you’re not in a city or town… where the hell are you? Sovereign underground nation of burried school buses?

I’m about as Freedom and limited Gov’t minded as they come, most people I know are!

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I don’t go into hermit mode there is a lot more to this country than living among the cities and towns. I live out where the real meaning of this country is where the food comes from, where the air is breathable. Where I can sleep at night in the quiet peace place, and even not worry about if I have a window open or door unlocked.


I also am surprised at the serious of it all LOL

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Hey fellas, let’s close this one. We’ve veered off course.

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