Sous Vide Chuck Steak

(Sarah Barnbrook) #1

We made a $5 steak (600grams) taste like a million dollars. Cooked with our Anova sous vide at 134 degrees for 24 hours. We had put a rub on it and salt and pepper. When it was done I popped on the grill for about eight minutes to give it some colour. We turned it into a fajita salad. So yummy, and very affordable (we are lucky to have a supply of onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and coriander from our garden).


I guess I am going to have to buy one of these Anova Sous Vide cookers, it would pay for itself in no time if I could buy cheaper cuts of meat and have them turn out that way.

Thanks for sharing!

(Sarah Barnbrook) #3

Yes it definitely will! Even the piece we cooked for only 4 hours was very good. We’re going to try doing some kim chi and pickles with it in the next few days.

Also, I love being able to buy cheap chicken (like drum sticks) and cooking Sous Vide, then just grill on the BBQ quickly for colour. You don’t have to worry about it being cooked as you normally would, when you are only going for colour it’s so much faster and so so tasty.


What kind of cut was it?

(Sarah Barnbrook) #5

Chuck steak

(Jenn Astwood) #6

I love this! I just bought a chuck steak to try with my Anova. It was so cheap!