Sourcing organic, 100% grass fed, and non-soy fed


I am thrilled to be part of this Ketogenic Forum, and I feel fabulous with this lifestyle!
I have not seen much information regarding the sourcing of all the fats and proteins that we are consuming. Since toxins tend to accumulate in the fat, and since we all love our fattier meats, I am a big advocate for sourcing the best meats/eggs as possible. To me this means organic, 100% grass fed, and animals not being fed corn/soy products. Getting to know your local sources and farms is helpful, but sometimes the more you dig, the more confusing things get.


Here’s my humble advice.

If I were to go back in time, this is what I would have done:

  1. keep it simple. Look for keto foods at normal grocery store, like eggs, bacon, meat, fish, lettuce, cheese, etc. Just buy plain normal stuff. Even at Walmart or whatever.
  2. learn how to cook low carb and high fat.
  3. when you get the hang of cooking and living keto lifestyle (couple weeks or a month or two…it depends), research local farmers, butchers, fish mongers, cheese artisans, farmers markets, organic produce stores. By this time, you know what keto foods and meals you like to eat and work for your body/lifestyle, and then you can start to substitute normal grocery with free-range/organic produce. Also, by this time, you know what the consumption rate is on all products, so you know how much to buy (limit over spending and seeing perfectly good food go to waste).

Keep it simple.

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Any whole food you buy from pretty much any source is going to be much healthier that the overprocessed, carb laden crap consisting of most peeps diet.

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Found that the only way to be certain is to do it yourself. I ended up doing just that and raise Exclusively Grass-Fed and Finished beef, Pasture Raised Soy free Pork, Chicken and Eggs. We also get cream and make butter from our own Guernsey Cow. I can honestly say that I might just have the best quality food on this entire forum. If you find someone like me at your farmers market please just ask us how much we love our food. We love to talk about what we do with people who know the difference. Look us up on facebook at Mostly Green Acres.


(Mark) #5

I was in the same boat as you not to long ago and just ate whatever was quck and convenient, one of the areas I did look at were eggs because I like them and found out they were a good fat and taste good with some Avocado and Bacon,but there are different names and quality,heard it’s mostly marketing terms cage free and range free eggs,but pastured eggs are the best because they have certain requirements that have to be met to be called pastured,and that gives you bigger nutritional bang for your buck,they are more expensive but if you eat them you won’t have to spend extra money on supplements,now don’t get me wrong ,it’s best to just get started with whatever works for you,Brenda zorn wrote a good post about this the other day about not worrying about perfection,and butter Bob Briggs over on YouTube has a Walmart shopping video that shows you how to shop on a budget and still get results,don’t know if you have an aldi market near you but they have good prices on grass fed beef,but I normally get my beef from the butcher shop and eggs from the healthy market in town,I feel better spending the extra on eggs and know I spent way more on junk before,and I don’t eat as much as before,between fasting and feeling satisfied longer after meals,good luck on your new adventure

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We hang out at the local farmer’s markets to get to know the local farmers. Then, we go visit their farms.

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Your local chapter of the Weston A Price foundation may be able to point you to a local source:

I agree with others, keep it simple at first!


Yes I belong to the WAPF Chapter here in my city, and I have found many good local quality animal products. As time goes on I am improving my sources to the cleanest available.


Your farm sounds fabulous! Sounds like you are doing everything right and according to WAPF for the cleanest, most nutritious food possible. Very impressive!