Sort of failed fast

(Jane Ellis) #1

I was going for a 3 day fast. At about 44 hours in I started feeling really bad. I checked my blood with my Keto Mojo (thanks for the suggestions to get this y’all) and my GKI was 0.85 :eyes:. I decided to go ahead and break the fast now instead of waiting until 6 PM tomorrow.
In the past few weeks I’ve done a couple of 24 hour fasts with no problems, and in April I did a 65 hour (I think).
My symptoms were a heavy feeling in my chest, air hunger, and then I started getting pains in my left shoulder. Now that I’ve had a little food the feelings are fading.

(Brian) #2

Don’t beat yourself up. Be happy! You made it pretty close to 2 days!


I’m not sure about the symptoms you were experiencing. Maybe someone else will comment on those. I’ve never had symptoms quite like that.

(Alec) #3

That’s not a failed fast, that’s exactly how to do it. You fasted for the time your body wanted to. You listened to your body. Perfect. :clap::clap::clap:

Now refeed well and prepare for the next one.

(Paul H) #4

Good Job Jane… You’re paying attention and taking action… There is always another day. This is how we live and learn.

(Jane Ellis) #5

Now that it’s been a while since I ate, I think I pulled something in my shoulder. I was afraid it was referred pain from something going wrong in my gut!

(Jane Ellis) #6

Thanks for the kind comments @Bellyman @Alecmcq @Paul28023!

(Kirk) #7

I had symptoms exactly like that, and ended up with a near fatal heart attack. Get ye looked at.

(Jane Ellis) #8

@Farback That was kind of my fear, but it turned out to be a pulled muscle in my shoulder, and the rest of the symptoms went away pretty fast after I ate. I feel fine today!
Glad you’re still with us, is the heart attack what led you to Keto?

(Kirk) #9

My Doctor recommended it actually. One of my cardiologists spoke highly of it, and I asked my doc if it would be safe for me. Been doing low carb for a year now, down to my high school weight and feeling great.

(Jane Ellis) #10

That’s wonderful, I’m hoping to get back to my high school weight, or close. My cardiologist basically ordered me to get back on Keto. I plan to stick with it this time and see where it takes me :sunglasses: