Soreness after PT

(Denise) #1

I guess it only makes sense my back would feel more sore after doing some Pt exercises. I sure am noticing it. I also felt sore after laying in bed for a time lastnight. I started feeling like there was one of those “dips” in my bed but my Memory Foam Mattress is very firm, and doesn’t show any wear so far. I got it in 2020 so I suppose it’s possible, but I also turn it around regularly so It’s like sleeping equally on both side of Full-size mattress.

I don’t know, I did walk my pup 3 times yesterday, it just seems to be taking so long for me to heal this thing. I’m worried I’ll never get to join the dance-groups they have where I am moving to on the 20th of June :frowning: I guess there’s worse things to have to give up, I think :thinking:

(Robin) #2

Was this your first pt session? What did they think is going on?

(Denise) #3

I’m just doing at-home exercises Robin, and only 3 so far, types I mean, easy ones I found online. Just stretches, all these are just that.