Something strange after getting tired of being stuck in the same weight. Any ideas?

(Liz Santiago) #1

I have done keto since Jan 2021 up until the summer I had lost 50 something pounds but after July I started struggling losing weight. From July up until last week I had manage to lose 25 more pounds but it was like a yo-yo I would lose 2 gain 3, lose 2 gain 1 and so on and then got stuck in the same cycle. Last week, it was teacher’s week and at my school we celebrate the whole week with free food. It got to a point that I thought that if anyway I was stuck on my weight I would might as well forget keto and enjoy my week. Last week, I ate everything they gave me, pancakes, cake, cookies, pretzels, ice cream, KFC. IHOP. I was actually afraid on going on a sugar comma. Of course, by Wednesday I had gain 3 pounds. Saturday, I started again keto and to my surprise on Monday this week, when I checked my weight, I was back at the weight I was before teacher’s week. I check my blood for ketones and for the first time in more than a year I got a reading of .9. Tuesday and Wednesday I got a reading of 1 and I had lost 2 more pounds. So I was wondering how the heck this happened? What might be the science behind this? I have read that one day of cheating can get you out of Ketosis but I did a whole week of cheating and it actually brought me back to ketosis and losing weight.

(Allie) #2

My first thought is that you’ve been chronically limiting calories and making your body hold on to its stores and that the sudden influx helped wake things up again?

(Robin) #3

I agree with @Shortstuff. But also want to point out, I have lost 65 pounds (started keto 2 years ago). I lost 55 in the first year, then I hit a wall.
Walls and stalls are fine, as long as you are still working the plan. Trust the process. It will be slower and stagnant for months but you will still be losing fat, your clothes will still be getting looser. I haven’t cheated since I began. But I have heard of many who had your experience.


it didn’t in a way

your body was probably ‘ready to lose more lbs’ til ya freaked and said you are stalled and jumped the gun eating more crap, gaining up, the back on plan and ya lose the carby bloat and then you ate plan again fast and your body ‘let what it was gonna let loose’ before your mental game of ‘why am I not losing’ came into play and ya ate more crap LOL

there is no wonder kinda on it all.

adhereing to her plan you have LOST your lbs. on, feel wonderful, not being hungry, enjoying your food and living your life, getting increased energy and more…and I assume this IS going down for you…is the key to it all.

you want fat loss off that scale on your timeline and when longer and no drops ya get irked. I know, I been there :slight_smile: but in the end, LET THE long term eating plan do the work and it will!!!

I think your body was getting ready to drop but you monkeyed up that with carby eating and since a smaller blip your body didn’t ‘go backwards’ it kept going forwards against your blip ya know.

but ya also can’t push this cause in the end you won’t win this push.

STAY ON PLAN and keep on going and forget that scale and timeline you put in force, your body lost alot, your still changing and it is on the body’s time ya know.

you are ok truly. you have done so well, don’t let the mind games of it all ruin any of it cause there ‘no eating crap and back into ketosis again’ and any special magic to this.

you are more healed, your body wanted to lose some lbs, but not when you wanted, got irked, ya ate crappy and then your body adapted and lost the lbs it was ‘wanting to lose’ before ya ate junk and in the end, there is no magic to this ya know.

we can only go into ‘active ketosis’ if we eat for active ketosis.

ok just some thoughts on it.

just keep on rocking and don’t put yourself there, all great is to come to ya on the body’s timeline IF YOU hold that plan and don’t guess on it kinda ya know :slight_smile:

hope what I said makes sense cause it is in my brain as I type it to you :partying_face:


If it happened to me, I would think I overeat on carbs as usual, my metabolism got way quicker and then it couldn’t drop back quickly enough so fat-loss happened. My body does that except I don’t really ever lose as I still eat way too much, if not right after the carby times, a few days later.

But the body is complicated so no idea why it happened to you…

It’s a bit sad to me as a hedonist that you don’t have “let’s enjoying ourselves” basically all the time on keto as I do. I vaguely decided I had enough of restrictions and will eat whatever - and I totally expect very minimal changes as I like my normal food best, that’s why I eat it, among other reasons. And it’s just the enjoyment. The grand total is even more obvious, keeping my carbs very, very low (almost always. some more extra is nice here and there and I can handle it well I guess) is the most hedonistic thing I can do, by far.

But experiments are needed too, at least to me. And they are fun. I still can’t imagine just eating carbs galore, what would that be good for? I would miss my eggs and meat, I already can’t eat enough of them sometimes…