Some thinking about ketosis, IR and protein

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Hi folks,

Interested in peoples’ thoughts re that Amber O’Hearn is saying here. The 1st 16 minutes is all you need to watch if you don’t want to watch the whole thing. She’s talking about the carnivore diet, but I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t apply to people eating very low carb ketogenic diet too.

NOTE: As stated in the video only some peoples’ bodies respond to protein the way she is describing but for these people this information may be helpful? I.E. If what you are doing is working for you, this info doesn’t apply. Aka if it’s not broke, leave it the F alone :crazy_face:

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There’s no link in your post. Are you thinking about her conversation with Kelly Hogan, or her Carnivore 101 lectures, parts 1 & 2?

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(1) Why Some People Don't Improve On Carnivore: AND HOW TO FIX IT - YouTube


This time I don’t really have thoughts, this is totally new to me :slight_smile: Interesting, I watched the first 20 mins (well listened to, mostly though I liked those texts below so I watched it partially) and I basically never am able to watch such videos, they are surely informative but so long and I get bored… But it was okay now.
Amazing how different people are…

I can only say that of course, we all should find our own style that works. There is no One True Way…

Now I am curious about trying more fat (I am not in the position to need it, I am just too curious about things) but I started to lose fat and like leaner meat recently so I won’t mess with that right now.

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Thanks for sharing. Two takeaways for me:

1 - We’re all built differently. (So it’s best to find out what works for you at this particular time in your life.)

2 - It’s about the results that matter, not the ketone levels. (So to chase ketone levels is to miss the point.)

These are essential reminders of what many of us have learned from personal experience, i.e., that ketones were never really the objective. :vulcan_salute:


NOPE! Good thing I have no way to add up all the money wasted on ketone strips! I’m GLAD they were never that affordable, only thing that used to slow me down!

That and screwing myself out of protein for a long time!

Problem with being in Keto years before it hit fad status was we had to learn all the hard lessons in real time!


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I agree. The primary value of knowing that one is producing ketone bodies is the assurance that insulin has been sufficiently lowered to no longer be a problem. This has implications for hypertension, cardiovascular risk, Type II diabetes, obesity, gout, cancer, and many other problems. But of course there are also epigenetic effects exerted by the ketone bodies, that are beneficial in themselves.


I couldn’t even buy keto strips :smiley: But at least I got the memo that it wasn’t needed… I merely tried to avoid high protein as it was considered a problem back then… I failed every day and just gave up eventually, fortunately I trusted my body so I never worried about that either.
And I go for feeling better (and actually being healthy, not just feeling so ;)), looking better, not numbers.
It’s enough that I track out of curiosity (but it is informative too).

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Yea ketone levels aren’t the B all and end all. Any interest I have in them is what Paul said - the information they give about insulin levels. I just read an interesting burble about how ketosis and being fat adapted are 2 different things. I’m more interested in the latter.

What do folks think about the thoughts expressed in the video about lowering protein intake, and why. Again, not in respect to everybody, but for some folks.

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We always tell people they have to experiment to find what works best for them. Amber is talking about people in a setting where they are no longer seeing the results they used to see. Her analysis of the symptoms some people experience and her ideas of how to deal with them seem quite reasonable to me.