Some People!


I am attending a 3 day conference and the instructor and I were talking about eating plans. It is two twelve hour days and I have brought eggs, ham & cheese wraps and string cheese all days. I was being asked where’s my fiber? I was told I need fiber because there are pockets in my stomach where the food gets caught and I need the fiber to wash out the stomach so I won’t have any gut health problems. What am I doing sounds like keto he says and he has nothing against keto but there have been no long term studies on it. I said there is the Masai tribe who don’t eat fiber and the Inuit survived for generations without a steady intake of fiber. There was that explorer who went a year eating only meat and did it in a hospital to prove the point that it was healthy. And then there are anecdotal stories of people living this way and having good health - better health than before. Another attendee was chiming in with the instructor about how do we know it is healthy and she found this great program where you pair certain foods at certain times - sounds too complicated for me. I should know better and just keep my mouth shut.

But going carnivore is helping me in so many ways. I have also been off alcohol since June 28 - I am staying off until after my yearly blood tests on September 27 - and with eating just from the animal kingdom, I don’t get cravings for sweets or alcohol. I have had two twelve hour days and I haven’t been tempted to eat a pastry at the conference or stop and buy something. I have eliminated Stevia from my tea (though I need it when I drink coffee which is rare). I have MS and I am feeling great! Yes, I occasionally sneak in a homemade chia seed pudding (chia seeds in water) which I know isn’t animal kingdom but other than that, I stick pretty close to the plan. I am happy with what I am doing and I just have to remember that I don’t have to get everyone’s approval. And I have lost 20 pounds since June 28!

Tomorrow is an 8 hour day - the last one. The topic is great, building click funnels for webinars and I am enjoying it.

(Allie) #2

Just focus on your results and how you feel as they are the best guides you’ll ever get.


And it isn’t as if I see these people on a regular basis. Not only that, this man’s weight goes up and down drastically. It isn’t just a few pounds he puts back on, he has a gut. Then the next time I see him, he will be slim. Then the gut again and he’s working with a trainer. I want to tell him when he is quizzing me on my health choices that if he switched to low carb - low not zero - he might not fluctuate so much. But I am obese still so I won’t say anything until I am slim and have been for a year. And my medical reports come back clean.Until then, I smile and keep my mouth shut!

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He’s probably on and off the stupid Cambridge diet or something just as harmful to his metabolism.

Keep doing your thing and smiling :grin:


Thanks @Shortstuff I plan on doing my own thing. I told them that I have been researching this and reading people’s stories for probably close to a year so it isn’t something I just decided to do on a whim. The next I see him I may be down to my goal weight! I have 68 pounds to go now - put on a pound - but that and more will come off this coming week.

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First of all, let me congratulate you on the sobriety. 2nd, same for your choice of getting healthier. 3rd - you;re right - sometimes it’s just easier to smile, keep your mouth shut, and enjoy a few more pieces of :bacon: !


Thank @justme My goal isn’t to quit drinking totally but to get control of it. I was drinking too much (ergo the fatty liver) and I have too many things in my life I am trying to accomplish so alcohol gets in the way. If I can control myself on and after the 27th, I will stay off Antabuse. If not, I go back on for three more months.

Love my bacon! If I don’t feel well doing what I am doing then I will change but as long as I feel good - bring on the meat and eggs!

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Congrats on being off the alcohol!

Well, he should talk to me. LOL There hasn’t been a dull day since I’ve started my ZC trial run last month. Hahahahaha no pocket has been left unturned.:flushed:

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Antabuse is some serious stuff, my doctor refused me when I asked (I still hate her for it). Ended up quitting on my own last year anyway, as it just started to make me feel bad or uncomfortable and hangovers were starting to get worse as time went by. Sending positive vibes your way, hope it all works out. ZC is fantastic!


@Dread1840 I was drinking heavily for years and I am using Antabuse to help me get control. On the 27th - after my blood tests - I will have a few drinks. If I feel myself slipping back into old patterns, I will go back on the Antabuse. I don’t think I will though because I have a lot of business stuff to do.


Thank you @Charmaine I am going to have a couple of drinks on the 27th after my blood tests - that will be 92 days off - and I am going to have some foods I haven’t eaten. Like a potato just to see how I react. I have found that the more I get away from certain foods, the less I want them.