Some of my crappy food pics

(matt ) #1

I’m not suffering


These all look hella good!

(matt ) #3

I got more but I is that overkill?? :slight_smile:

(Rebecca) #4

@matt can you please come and cook for me. :smiley:


I’ll be right over, what’s your address?

(matt ) #6

Here’s some more.

(Jake P) #7

Well I haven’t been hungry all day, until now.

(matt ) #8

On the plus side its all keto!!

(Meeping up the Science!) #9

Thanks for offering to cook for me for the rest of my life, lol. I appreciate it @matt!

(matt ) #10

Working on a way to get to KetoFest. We can all cook there!

(G. Andrew Duthie) #11

No, but I will be until you post all these recipes to the #food:recipes-recipes-recipes forum! :smiley:

(Louise ) #12

Ohhhh hohum #food:boringKeto :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(matt ) #13

Luckily I have a few days off and I can get some recipes up!

(Guardian of the bacon) #14

How do you do the crisps? I’ve had best luck in the microwave getting them crispy. Hard to get them shaped nicely and keep some depth on the edges.

(matt ) #15

@jfricke like this. Baked. I was just trying things so I want to guess I did this at 350F as thats the temp my oven defaults to. You need to cook them longer than you think and you need to let them cool before you try to remove them.

(Guardian of the bacon) #16

I’ve tried the oven and they weren’t crispy. Probably not long enough.

30 seconds full power on parchment paper in the microwave. about a TBS worth yields really nice crispy crisps. just not very shapely.

(matt ) #17

I made the cheesy taco shells like that too but I didn’t cook them until they were crisp. There’s pork belly in this one.

(Guardian of the bacon) #18

Oh the depravity.

(matt ) #19

Yeah I think the biggest mistake people make is taking them out too early for fear of burning them. You have to let get to the point where they almost start to brown and take them out. I used the grated parm from Costco. It’s awesome and no binders.

We use the microwave too if we don’t need them “pretty”.

(matt ) #20

This parm works best.